Robert Pack’s Main Point of View on Macbeth Sample Essay

Robert Pack’s chief point of position on Macbeth is this. “Macbeth is a good adult male whose purpose is to make evil. ” Pack compares the narrative to those of Hamlet. Othello. and Lear. He says “Shakespeare’s plays all reward requital. and punishment take topographic point on Earth and within the domain of mortal life. ” Macbeth is punished by his psyche. non punished physically

Macbeth is about a adult male who violates the moral order and is punished for it. Pack compares the narrative to Dante’s “Inferno” by stating. “we see that no anguish is imposed upon Macbeth to suit his offenses. but the approvals of Macbeth’s natural humanity autumn from him one by one. until he is finally deprived of all human ties” He is punished to lose humanity in himself. He ends up driving himself brainsick.

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Robert Pack’s Main Point of View on Macbeth Sample Essay
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He shows a balance of difficult and soft virtuousnesss. Bravery. strength. rebelliousness. pride. and aspiration are his strongest traits. although he exhibits a few smaller traits of kindness and scruples. Subsequently on in the drama. Pack says that Macbeth “loses his soft virtuousnesss and we cease so experience understanding for him. ”

He seems to lose trust in work forces who work for him. He loses the sense of earnestness of life. He loses the ability to pray. He loses trust in senses. and is taken over by him 2nd thinking everything. Pact thinks “Our feelings for Macbeth move from understanding and esteem to horror and awe. where as our feelings for Lady Macbeth move the other manner. ”

In decision. “Macbeth is selfishly romantic to the terminal. unwilling to bow himself to an order other than his ain. The punishments follow ; for him there is non any recovery. no forgiveness. no stamp memory. ” He will ever be haunted and punished for what he has done. It’s Macbeths karma. The one time loved character has twisted himself into a symbol of hatred.


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