Robot Design Engineering

Robot Design Engineers plan ,design and coordinate the integration of machinery and equipment such as robots, robot controllers ,and programmable controllers into the manufacturing process. They write operating programs and test the ability of the ability of the machines to preform tasks. I am interested in this line of work because I like working with my hands and I like to work with electronics. Robot designing has always been something I really wanted to do. There are not many specialities in this field since it is still new and advancing.

Application Engineer,and Robot Design Engineer are two of the specialties known for this field. Design engineers develop and write equipment specifications, select or design end-of-arm tools to meet specifications, and they test the ability of machines and equipment to preform tasks. Design engineers work inside offices and manufacturing areas ,they are also exposed to great stress to meet deadlines and are exposed to violent machines and loud noises. To enjoy a job in this field you should prefer :activities of a mechanical nature, dealing directly with people ,and performing a variety of duties.

You must also be able to use calculators, computers, manuals, and software programs. If you are looking for a job in this field you should have experience in : Computer science, Electronics ,Mathematics ,and Physics. You should also have a bachelors degree to enter this field. Entering this field you should expect an average pay between $25,170 and $47,250. The career outlook for this field is average. So if you enjoy working with your hands and working with robots this is the carrear for you.


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