Role Of An Tesco Executive Assistant Commerce Essay

The purpose of this essay is to supply a treatment on the accomplishments demand to efficaciously transport out my function as an Executive Assistant. In order to accomplish this, practical mentions will be made to the function of an executive helper to the Gross saless director at Tesco Plc. In order to hold a clearer apprehension of my function as an executive helper and subsequent accomplishments, a brief description of the administration will be provided.

Background Information of Tesco Plc

Tesco is known as one of the universe ‘s largest retail merchants with operations in approximately 14 states and employs over 500,000 people who serve 1000000s of clients on a hebdomadal footing ( Tesco PLc, 2012 ) . The company is growing focussed hence relies strongly on its gross revenues section to accomplish its vision of market laterality.

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Role Of An Tesco Executive Assistant Commerce Essay
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The function of an executive helper

An Executive Assistant is one who provides high degree professional support service chiefly at senior degree. They besides provide executive aid, personal aid every bit good as administrative & A ; support services to little companies and persons who do non desire incur the overhead cost of using a full clip complement concern support squad, but requires all the support such a squad have to offer ( Kozami, 2002 ) .

The function of the executive helper can non be over emphasised in any administration. This harmonizing to to Kozami ( 2002 ) involves helping the Chief Executive the aggregation and analysing of informations, supplying options where determinations are required, supplying proposals Jockey shortss where necessary and a whole clump of other responsibilities. However, a function that can be see to be the most of import for executive Assistants is that of a corporate contriver ( Executive Assistant, 2012 ) .

However, for the intent of this essay, the accomplishments required in carry throughing the duties outlined below will be discussed ;

back uping systems and procedures in your section

reding your line director on how to develop an appropriate office environment

organizing concern meetings and events for your section

back uping your line director in planning and carry oning undertakings and pull offing small-scale internal undertakings independently

pull offing your line director ‘s and your ain journal

communicate efficaciously and suitably at your work topographic point

Supporting system and procedures

A major duty I expect to carry through in my function as an executive helper to the gross revenues director of Tesco Plc is to back up the procedures that lead to efficient and effectual gross revenues in the administration. This function which involves an in-depth apprehension of the nature of Tesco concerns, market information such as current consumer shopping tendencies, rivals and developing thoughts that could heighten the gross revenues of the company ‘s merchandise requires the acquisition of some nucleus accomplishments in order to be fulfilled successfully.

These accomplishments include holding a proactive temperament ( France, 2009 ) .

This is because in order for an helper to be successful in supplying seasonably and equal support to the gross revenues section, one needs to be able to expect issues that could originate and fix a solution in front of clip as opposed to waiting for unpleasant state of affairss to happen that could impede the company ‘s gross revenues before brainstorming for solutions.

Reding line director on developing an appropriate office environment

Surveies have shown that the physical environment in which employees work in have either a positive or negative consequence in their degree of committedness ( McGuire & A ; McLaren, 2007 ) . This is because an office environment in which employees feel safe is likely to actuate them to be more productive as oppose to a layout that demoralises them. It is hence my duty as an executive helper to rede my line director on the most appropriate office layout that will actuate all employees ( Eley et al, 2000 ) .

In order to be able to advice a line director, it is of import to possess the ego assurance accomplishments ( France, 2009 ) . This is because before I can rede my Line Manager on of import organizational issues, I must larn to understand and hold faith in my capablenesss and trust that the Manager will take positive consideration to my suggestions.

Another of import accomplishment required to to the full fulfill this function is to understand the on the job manner of the Line Manager ( France, 2009 ) . This considered of import as a proper apprehension of the on the job manner of the line director will enable me as an executive helper to transport out my responsibilities in ways that will harmonize with that of the Manager. An deduction of this on the function to advice on the office environment will intend to analyze his temper and desired procedure for raising new thoughts.

It is besides necessary to possess the answerability accomplishment when meaning to rede a Line director on organizational issues as it will heighten the degree of trust the director topographic points on an executive helper. This may be attributed to the fact that the executive helper will non seek to fault another individual if the suggestion provided does non travel every bit intended.

In add-on, to be able to supply a thorough and good set together advise on the office environment, it is expected that I utilise my communicating accomplishments in recovering of import feedbacks on the current environment from other employees and subsequent alterations that they desire to take topographic point.

Organizing concern meetings and events for your section

One of the major responsibilities of any executive helper is to organize and direction concern meetings and other events both in the section and the administration at big ( France, 2009 ) . This is because in order for departmental ends to be achieved such as meeting high gross revenues volume in the gross revenues section in Tesco Plc, different meetings to discourse schemes, squad build- up and gross revenues publicity events which involves both internal and external attendants are likely to take topographic point.

In order to efficaciously transport out this duty, which most times may affect, presentation slides in PowerPoint, flow charts or squad show, picture conferencing amongst others, there are certain accomplishments I am expected to posses. One of these accomplishments involves the ability to clearly spot the necessity of the event/ meeting. This because one of the functions of the helper is to assist the administration maximise its possible while cut downing the waste of resources ( Heller & A ; Hindle, 1998 ) .

In add-on, the accomplishments to efficaciously be after the needed budget and plan of the meeting/event is extremely needed ( Heller & A ; Hindle, 1998 ) . The accomplishment to guarantee that invitations o the meetings/.event are sent out good on clip is besides indispensable. An deduction of this the demand to efficaciously set to utilize effectual clip direction accomplishments as may be required ( France, 2009 ) .

As the event/ meeting organizer, the accomplishment to multi undertaking is really desirable as the executive helper needs to guarantee that the event is less stiff and deadening hence may affect event squad who will supply societal accomplishments needed for the enrollment desk, IT skills for the equipment room as on.

An of import accomplishment required during the meeting/event is the ability to compose proceedingss in clear footings. This is considered of import as the written proceedingss will function as a mention point to future meetings every bit good as a reminder to the line director on the happenings at the meeting ( Gutmann, 2010 ) .

Supporting your line director in planning and carry oning undertakings and pull offing small-scale internal undertakings independently

The function of an executive helper is invariably linked the proviso of support in the planning and conducting of major organizational undertakings. In the instance of Tesco Plc ‘s gross revenues section, the undertaking could be linked to the development of new distribution paths. In order to efficaciously transport out these duties, it is of import that I understand the inside informations of the undertaking as this will enable me as an executive helper to supply an informed support where necessary. Another of import accomplishment is the ability to pass on with other people involved in the undertaking ( France, 2009 ) . This is considered of import as it is expected that the executive helper may necessitate to do some determinations on behalf of the Line directors therefore need be able to pass on with other employees when necessary.

In order to supply equal and timely support, it is besides of import to understand the work manner of the director so as non transport out support responsibilities in contrary to the line director ‘s manner. In supplying be aftering support, it is indispensable to possess efficient be aftering accomplishments which include the ability to be after the budget, staff, every bit good as supervising the undertaking to a successful completion ( Muslin, 2007 ) .

Consequently, there are times the executive helper may be required to pull off a small-scale internal undertaking without direct supervising, in order to fulfill this duty successful, it is indispensable that I utilise by assurance accomplishment as this is indispensable to construct my motive and believe in myself to bring forth the coveted result ( Muslin, 2007 ) . The time-management accomplishment besides becomes a utile tool in this case since I an expected to finish the undertaking within a specified clip frame. In pull offing a small-scale undertaking, it is expected that I may be face hard co-workers which may in bend consequence to work topographic point struggle. It is hence indispensable to possess some struggle declaration accomplishments such as sound choler direction, and assertiveness ( France, 2009 ) .

Pull offing your line director ‘s and your ain journal

Another of import function of an executive helper is to pull off the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours path of the foreman every bit good as maintaining up with other personal responsibilities. It is hence my duty to guarantee that the gross revenues director attend all meetings, return phone calls. In order to be successful in transporting out this duty, it is indispensable to hold the ability to multi undertaking as the responsibility involves carry throughing two import responsibilities at the same time.

Another of import accomplishment required to transport out this duty to prioritize the responsibilities doing certain of import points in both journals are carried out first earlier less of import 1s ( France, 2009 ) . This is necessary so as to enable me and the foreman to hold a work-life balance. Hence it may be necessary to come up with a hebdomadal precedence matrix which constitute of my work and personal activities and that of the line director.

Subsequently the demand to efficaciously pull off my clip and that of the line director in the work environment becomes a skill one can non make without. This harmonizing to France ( 2009 ) is necessary to further a good working relationship between the foreman and the executive helper every bit good as guaranting that day-to-day responsibilities are carried out in satisfied mode.

Communicate efficaciously and suitably at your work topographic point

Effective communicating is an indispensable accomplishment required at all degree of the administration. The executive helper is expected to pass on with co-workers within and outside the section every bit good as outside the office environment on behalf of the foreman. In order to efficaciously transport out this function it is indispensable to talk in clear footings so as avoid deceit ( France, 2009 ) .

Furthermore, it is of import to talk in retiring tones, as people are likely t misinterpret high tones for choler if when it is non intended. As an executive helper to the gross revenues director of Tesco Plc, it is indispensable to hold the ability to utilize the cyberspace as this is necessary to transport out market research, and besides pass on via electronic mail, picture conferencing and other web based societal communicating medium such as Twitter and face book.


The purpose of this write up was to discourse the accomplishments required to transport out the functions of an executive helper in relation to specific duties. In order to accomplish this purpose, Tesco Plc was used as a background work environment in which the executive helper to a gross revenues director was required to transport out the specified duties.


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