Role of Education in Human Life Essay

Education is a very important thing for humans life. People can have a good position in a company by completing high level of education. The Importance of education toward humans life has forced another need to complete by educational Institution, including university. Regarding this Issue, some people believe that university should place Itself as a media for the students to gain knowledge, no matter It will be useful for the employer of the students. Some other people believe that university should be able to answer today’s need in getting a high quality of students who is able to apply their knowledge and skill in the workplace.

For some idealistic people, education should be a thing which is enjoyed by students. Students may not be forced as a creature who Is obsessed in getting exact-oriented knowledge. They believe that this kind of orientation will block them in getting wider scope of knowledge. Therefore, university should not have such kind of limitation as well in seeing it. University should be the right place for students to enjoy learning process, without thinking about whether it will be useful for them In their workplace or not.

On the other hand, some other people think that focus In studying the needed knowledge and skills to apply In the workplace Is essential to be prepared by university. In fact, there are many companies which send their worker to take higher level of education to achieve their goal. The sending of workers to study Is an important step for them as it can significantly improve the performance of the company. Therefore, it is expected by the company to get qualified graduates that to support the development of the company.

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Role of Education in Human Life Essay
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