Role of information systems Essay

Executive Summary:

The term “Information” is used really frequently now a yearss and has its ain importance in the current concern universe. Anything that is encoded or gathered is called information.

So, it ‘s much of import for a concern organisation to pull off the appropriate information for it ‘s prosperity and success. In this paper an thought about information systems and the function it plays in each degree of direction is briefly described.

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Role of information systems Essay
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As the engineering is turning twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours, Information Systems plays a major function in the direction of a little, medium or big organisation. More than actins as a tool the information systems is a portion of the concern of an organisation.

However, In order to understand more deeply an existent instance of Amazon which is an on-line concern shopping organisation is considered.

Definition of information system:

An information system can be defined technically as a set of interconnected constituents that collect ( or recover ) , procedure, shop and distribute information to back up determination devising and control in an organisation

[ Kenneth C. Laudon

Jane P. Laudon 8th edition ]

Role of information systems:

As a director plays a critical function in the endurance of an organisation. It ‘s of import that the directors of most organisations should hold the cognition of information systems. The information systems are widely used in the organisations in order to last and thrive.

The information engineering or the information systems helps the companies to widen their concern to the many topographic points, offer new merchandises and services and besides change the manner they conduct concern.

In an organisation the information systems has three activities to make

1. Input signal

2. Processing

3. End product

The function of “input” is to roll up the information or information within the organisation or from the physical universe.

The function of “Processing” is to reassign this input into a meaningful signifier which can be understood by the terminal users.

The function of “output” is to convey the processed information to the terminal users who will utilize it.

Business Perspective information Systems:

This is sing the part of information systems to the organisations which create house value, besides increasing the house ‘s return on its investings and increasing the market value of the house ‘s stock.

Degrees of direction:

Senior degree

Middle Level

Operation Level


The dealing Processing Systems are used by the operational degree directors. Before the computing machines era the organisations informations used to be in the signifier of manual procedures, key-driven book maintaining machines and punch card systems etc. But now a twenty-four hours ‘s these undertakings can be maintained and good understood by the usage of computing machines.

As shown in the theoretical account figure, At first the information is gathered from the physical system every bit good as the environment and is entered into the bing database of the organisation. Then the information is transformed into the information by the informations processing package. Now, the information is available for the house ‘s direction and for the persons in the organisation.

Myocardial infarction:

MIS are used by the in-between degree directors ; it ‘s besides called a computing machine based system. The MIS provides information sing the house or one of its major systems. It describes and exhibits the information happened in the yesteryear, go oning now, and probably to go on in the hereafter.

Report composing package and the mathematical theoretical accounts package are used by the MIS to bring forth the information.

The determination devising is done by the directors utilizing the end product information provided by the MIS.


Due to the failure of some direction information systems. The information specializers found a new one called “Decision Support Systems” to assist doing determinations.

A DSS trades with a individual job and assists a individual director or a group of directors.

A DSS is besides much more specific and easy for determination devising.

By agencies of package called “groupware” the DSS act as a group determination support system where the group determination support capableness was added to it.

Latest add-ons to the DSS are unreal intelligence and the on-line analytical processing.


This ESS is used to supply information for the senior degree directors.


“An endeavor resource planning system is a computing machine based system that enables the direction of all of the house ‘s resources on an organization-wide basis”

An ERP system integrates MIS, DSS in order to work as a coordinated unit. The mean success of an ERP system is work outing the Y2K job. As the old ages are stored in a two-digit format, many people feared that the Y2K job would make a large information loss and computing machine failures.

With the aid of ERP we have overcome this Y2K job and did non endure any mistakes during the informations alteration from 1999 – 2000.

Leading ERP supplier:

1. Sap

2. Prophet


4. Peoples Soft

Now, the People Soft has been acquired by the Oracle.

Appropriateness for Amazon ‘s Enterprises Information Systems:

As mentioned the instance survey of Amazon is considered. Amazon is one of the taking innovators of e-commerce. Amazon was launched by Jeff Bezos in 1994.

“Electronic commercialism normally known as e-commerce consists of all purchasing and merchandising of merchandises over electronic systems such as the cyberspace and other computing machine networks” .

[ Chaudhary, Abijit, Jean-Pierre Huilboer ( 2002 ) Tocopherol Business and E Commerce Infrastructure ]

Using this vitamin E commercialism Amazon has emerged to be the prima online shopping web site in the full universe.

Business to Business ( B-B ) :

In this type of e-commerce the other companies or endeavors can keep their concern in online.

Example: In Amazon many of the taking companies like Sony, Samsung, HP etc organise their concern on the Amazon Website.

By this kind of concern they can increase their clients and so as their market portion.

Business to Consumer ( B-C ) :

In this type of vitamin E commercialism the chief advantage is for clients. They can straight shop online and choose a broad scope of merchandises available. The clients are merely one chink off to purchase a merchandise. The clients can besides acquire at cost effectual monetary values relatively shopping in the existent markets.

Cloud Computer science:

“The term cloud calculating refers to the bringing of scalable IT resources over the cyberspace, as opposed to hosting and runing those resources locally, such as on a college or university web. Those resources can include applications and services every bit good as the substructure on which they operate” . (, 2009 )

This cloud computer science is really much useful for the companies those can non put on package substructure. In other words, the companies who provide cloud computer science are besides known as web service provides.

The companies seeking cloud computer science does salvage their capital but their security degrees are ever at hazard since their database is maintained by some other web service supplier.

Cloud computer science in the facet of AMAZON:

Amazon is an on-line shopping web site which is designed by utilizing e commercialism. As Amazon sells all merchandises like books, electronics, place contraptions, music, apparels etc it needs to hive away all the information of these points in their database.

For this, Amazon has its ain package database bought from ORACLE. This tells us that Amazon uses Oracle database in order to hive away all the points informations every bit good as the clients ‘ informations.

Since, Amazon has their clients from all over the universe it does non utilize cloud calculating to hive away their informations but have its ain secured database. Amazon has besides have its ain client service Centres in which the direction helps the clients in having their orders safely on clip.

Amazon itself is a web service supplier with many security degrees for other companies.

Security degrees in AMAZON:

As Amazon trades with tonss of recognition card and debit card inside informations of the clients its holding a really good security degrees. The usage of security firewalls in Amazon is really high. Because of this security degrees there are no instances of choping or burlesquing into the client histories of Amazon up to now.

Amazon besides updates their security degrees every now and so in order to do certain that their client histories and card inside informations are plenty secured.

Recommendations for Amazon:

Organization may look for more and more sophisticated engineerings. They can besides implement more security degrees so that they can even minimise the online fraud to zero per centum. The organisation merely exists in develop states like USA, UK, Japan etc. They should seek to widen up their concern all over the universe and increase their profitableness.

By following the above recommendations AMAZON can emerge as most client centric company on the Earth.


The function of information systems and the types of information systems are explained in this paper work. In an administration, each degree of direction should understand the importance of information systems and must hold a minimal basic cognition about them. This helps an organisation to accomplish ends rapidly and run successfully.


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