Role of the Human Resource Manager Essay

The role of the Human Resource Manager is evolving with the change in competitive market environment and the realization that Human Resource Management must play a more strategic role in the success of an organization. Organizations that do not put their emphasis on attracting and retaining talents may find themselves in dire consequences, as their competitors may be outplaying them in the strategic employment of their human resources. With the increase in competition, locally or globally, organizations must become more adaptable, resilient, agile, and customer-focused to succeed.

And within this change in environment, the HR professional has to evolve to become a strategic partner, an employee sponsor or advocate, and a change mentor within the organization. In order to succeed, HR must be a business driven function with a thorough understanding of the organization’s big picture and be able to influence key decisions and policies. In general, the focus of today’s HR Manager is on strategic personnel retention and talents development.

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Role of the Human Resource Manager Essay
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HR professionals will be coaches, counselors, mentors, and succession planners to help motivate organization’s members and their loyalty. The HR manager will also promote and fight for values, ethics, beliefs, and spirituality within their organizations, especially in the management of workplace diversity. Human resources (HR) issues commonly experienced by employers today include diversity, productivity, training, benefits. This paper will highlight how a HR manager can meet the challenges of workplace dealing with diversity, productivity, training, benefits.

Diversity is a common and important HR issue. Employers must adhere to hiring, promotion and termination practices that don’t discriminate against people of different races, ages or sexual orientations. Laws are clear that workplace discrimination won’t be tolerated. A human resources director must ensure that the policies of the company are in keeping with anti-discrimination legislature. Productivity is one of the human resources issues that continue to be a common struggle for most businesses.

Employers must constantly make sure that employees are getting enough of the needed kinds of work completed so that the business is running efficiently in order to be profitable. If the company has employees who aren’t pulling their weight, it decreases productivity which can decrease profitability. HR management has the responsibility of designing the workplace structure and implementing programs that help increase employee motivation and productivity. Training is needed in virtually every business and industry. All types of workplace training require human resources planning since budget and/or company time are involved.

Some training is on the job, while other types may involve the company sending employees for outside training paid for by the business. Training sessions and seminars must be factored into a company’s time and budget. Training is classically one of the most common human resources issues as it’s a necessary component of employee development. Benefits are human resources issues. HR directors work with the heads of companies to create benefit policies. In human resources, a compensation package refers to salary plus included benefits.

Common employee benefits include health insurance, life insurance, a dental plan and employee product discounts. When employees are terminated, benefits are too, so HR must keep records of the exact hiring and termination dates of each employee. How each business deals with its specific human resources issues depends on the HR manager or director as well as company policy. Since the main responsibility of HR personnel is to oversee all areas of recruitment, hiring, employee development and termination, it’s also this department’s job to handle human resources issues.


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