Role Of The Quanitiy Surveyor Construction Essay

Measure Surveyors are besides widely known as building economic expert or cost director. They are known as one of the professional advisors to the building industry. As an consultative, Quantity Surveyors estimation and proctor all building cost thought the whole development procedure which is shown as below: –

In each stage at that place consists of many phases. Measure Surveyors are besides involve with revenue enhancement depreciation agendas, replacing cost appraisal for insurance intents and if necessary intercession and dialogue. Measure Surveyors are largely employed as advisers to the clients on major edifice and building undertakings. In the development procedure Quantity Surveyors tend to work closely together with designers, undertakings proprietor, comptrollers, insurance investment bankers, attorneies and Judgess and besides with all degrees of authorities governments.

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Role Of The Quanitiy Surveyor Construction Essay
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These are the phases in each stage: –

However, the Quantity Surveyors chiefly involved themselves from the feasibleness phase of a undertaking to the completion of the building period.

Origin Phase

During the origin stage, client ‘s instructions are given to Quantity Surveyors. Besides, Quantity Surveyors will rede the client on the demand to obtain statutory blessings and of the responsibilities of the client under the CDM ordinances. After they received information about the store tonss from the client, so they will see the store tonss and carry out an initial assessment.


The assessment phase is the first phase in the development procedure which involves both placing the client ‘s demands and the possible restraints on development. Surveies will be undertaken to enable a client to make up one’s mind on whether to continue and if so which procurement path should be selected, on the footing of the results required. In the other words, Quantity Surveyors will transport out surveies to find the feasibleness of the Client ‘s demand.

Strategic Briefing

The strategic briefing phase, which is done by or on behalf of the client, identifies the cardinal demands and restraints involved. It identifies the processs, organisational construction and the type and scope of advisers to be used. It is of import during this early portion of the procedure to see a scope of issues that are traveling to find whether the undertaking has any opportunity of coming to fruition.

Feasibility and Viability

At feasibleness phase, Quantity Surveyors use their cognition of building methods and costs to rede the proprietor on the most economical manner of accomplishing his or her demands. They may utilize techniques such as Cost Planning, Estimating, Cost Analysis, Cost-in-use Studies and Value Management to set up and command a undertaking budget. Accurately finding the building cost at undertaking origin is the key to puting an accomplishable budget and measuring undertaking feasibleness. This is available for any proposed development including subdivision, building, renovation or care construct.

Construction Phase

During building stage, Quantity Surveyors are called on to reasonably value “ Progress Payments ” at regular intervals. They will besides value alterations to plan or measures which may originate by mention to allow Bill of Quantities rates. The contractor ‘s Quantity Surveyor/contract decision maker will hold prepared claims for advancement payments and extra work.


Mobilization is the award of the edifice contract to the successful house and the formal assignment of the contractor. During mobilization, Quantity Surveyors supply production information as requested for the edifice contract and for building of the store tonss.

Construction to Practical Completion

Construction to Practical Completion is the phase when the contractor commences the work on the store lots. Throughout this phase, formal written direction order are given to the contractor for alterations in the design and rating of the partly completed plants are prepared and agreed for the intent of interim payment certifications. Measure Surveyors will do visits to the plants in connexion with the Architect ‘s design and supply farther information reasonable required for building. Upon completion, the formal sign language over the undertaking to the duties of the client is made. Assessment, readying and dialogue of the concluding history statement with the contractor, completes the undertaking ‘s building fiscal position.

When building is completed, Quantity Surveyors can bring forth depreciation agendas of the assorted undertaking constituents and rede on realistic insurance replacing costs. In the instance of building disputes the Quantity Surveyors are frequently called on as an expert informant, and some measure surveyors act as arbiters. Both the contractor ‘s and proprietor ‘s measure surveyors will be involved in this.

Finally, on completion the contractors manus over the edifice to the developer. Normally a ‘defects liability period ‘ is written into the contract, and the contractor remains apt for fixs for a specified period. Finally, all outstanding payments will be settled and the edifice will be, hopefully, put into its intended usage.

Occupation Phase

After Practical Completion

After Practical Completion is one of the phases during business stage. One of the chief undertakings of Quantity Surveyors is to guarantee that the undertaking can be completed to the specified quality, the deliberate costs and within the appreciate clip graduated table. Besides that, they have to place defects, make concluding reviews and besides settle Final Account.

Destruction Phase

Demolition stage is the concluding phase in a undertaking ‘s life rhythm. It may besides a possible new beginning of the life rhythm on the same site. In add-on to new undertakings, Quantity Surveyor s besides uses their accomplishments in renovation of old edifices, changes to bing edifices and insurance replacing estimations. In public governments Quantity Surveyors maintain cost statistics on a province or nation-wide footing, and there are chances for academic callings in the edifice subjects.

Design Phase

When this store lots undertaking attacks design stage, Quantity Surveyors involve themselves a batch in this stage. Outline proposals, elaborate proposals, concluding proposals, production information, stamp certification and stamp action are the phases in design stage.

Outline Proposals

As this phase progresses towards finalized program, comparing and readying of several alternate strategies are done in order to find the general attack to the layout, design, and building. Measure Surveyors have to closely join forces with all the members of the design squad and the clients. An estimate of building cost on store tonss is provided by Quantity Surveyors. Therefore, the Quantity Surveyors must keep close contact with contractor every bit good as other professionals such as Architects and Engineers in order to find the cost suggestion of the alternate proposals as they are prepared.

Detailed Proposals

At this phase, the store lots design is acquiring more settled with more inside informations which are contributed by all members of design squads. This elaborate proposal is derived from the lineation proposal. The specification, method of building, and the readying of a cost program are critically examined. The cost program prepared by the Quantity Surveyors shows the proposed distribution of costs over the elements or constituents of the store tonss. All the relevant design information such as land floor program, roof floor program and land beam inside informations of the store tonss is collected. A elaborate study sing the design and the cost program can be submitted to the clients before the elaborate proposal is developed. The cost appraisal, including both initial and future cost, of the store tonss is provided by the Quantity Surveyors.

Final Proposals

The elaborate design of store tonss is finalized at this phase in order to travel to the terminal of a set of concluding stamp certification. A assortment of thoughts from the members of design squads contribute greatly to concluding result. A to the full appraisal of cost on store tonss is prepared by Quantity Surveyors to supply clients with a possible stamp monetary value and cost cheques for specific points in order to corroborate that the cost required for the points is non over budget. Supplying accurate cost appraisal is important in this phase because there might hold any alterations in the design which will ensue in stillborn work.

Production Information

Production information is prepared for stamp intents. The readying of concluding drawings, agendas, and back uping specifications on the store tonss will be now preceded by the designers, applied scientists, and measure surveyors. Preliminary tendering processs is determined by Quantity Surveyors during this phase in order to fix a list of possible chief contractors, questions to sub-contractors and providers, invitation to tender, and information to stamp paperss.

Tender Documentation

At this phase, Quantity Surveyors play an of import function to guarantee that the undertaking is carried out swimmingly. The stamp paperss such as status of contracts, specification, drawings and Bills of Quantities ( BQ ) are traveling to be finalized. These stamp paperss are provided by Quantity Surveyors to contractors, clients, and sub contractors for stamp intent. Quantity Surveyors prepare and roll up the stamp paperss in adequate inside informations to enable stamps to be attained. The function of Quantity Surveyors in this store lots undertaking is to guarantee all the drawings, agendas, and specification specifics are right. The BQ are designed chiefly as tendering paperss, yet a valuable assistance is besides provided to the pricing of fluctuations and calculation of ratings for interim certifications. Besides, BQ which is prepared by Quantity Surveyors provides a good BASIC for cost planning and aid in designation of work to guarantee the hard currency flow in a right manner. The Measure Surveyors besides have to fix the Prime Cost Sums and Provisional Sums of the store tonss. If there has an statement between clients and contractors sing their involvement on the store tonss, the Quantity Surveyors appear to work out this sort of struggles.

Tender Action

The chief intent of the stamp action is to take the appropriate contractor to transport out building work diligently. Assorted methods, which the client and his advisor may utilize to obtain offers, are covered in tendering processs. The tendering processs are divided into two parts which are unfastened and selected tendering. In unfastened tendering process, any house that may be interested in this store lots building undertaking is being invited through the imperativeness advertizement to subject a stamp. On the other manus, the selected qualified contractor is contacted based on the fiscal background and other characteristics in the selected tendering process. The Quantity Surveyors will inquire the sentiment of the selected contractor. Quantity Surveyors will besides urge the most suited contractor to the client. The contractors who have more experiences in store tonss building undertaking are the first pick to be selected. This phase typically is approached about one month before the stamp paperss are circulated.


The being of Quantity Surveyors are acquiring more and more of import in the building field such as edifice building, heavy building or civil building and industrial building.

Basically, Quantity Surveyor is the individual who is responsible for calculating out merely what a edifice is traveling to be cost and in some instances for doing certain that the building costs and production are managed every bit expeditiously as possible such as the store lots that in mentioned in Question 1. Shop tonss are one of the illustrations of the commercial development. In order to construct store tonss, 1000000s of dollars which is depend on the client demand is needed. Measure Surveyors should be cognizant that the stuffs monetary value of some of import stuffs such as cement, Fe, ready mix and others will ever alterations. Besides acts as the fiscal superintendent of a peculiar undertaking, Quantity Surveyors translate the programs into elaborate costs. Quantity Surveyors besides help to minimise the clip graduated tables, the costs of a undertaking and heighten value for money, while still accomplishing the needed criterions and quality. Through dialogue, successful Measure Surveyors can salvage big sums of money for the companies they work for.

In the current economic clime, where the building industry is flourishing and building companies are under increasing force per unit area to run into the demands of developers, and given the deficit of forces, it is no surprise that Quantity Surveyors have expanded their function in this manner. However, this pattern must be monitored closely to forestall the unity of the profession of all time being called into inquiry. Besides, Quantity Surveyors besides must be flexible to any sort of work conditions such as site and office. For illustration, Quantity Surveyors are non merely required to assist the client in ciphering the costs for a undertakings such as store tonss, they still need to travel to site to guarantee that the occupation had be done by the contractor harmonizing to the understanding that had be done before go throughing the undertaking to the contractor. This can avoid contractual differences to go on.

In building and development undertakings where the ticker word is “ VALUE FOR MONEY ” , the Quantity Surveyors must be involved from the origin stage to. Last but non least, it is a truth that Quantity Surveyors professional accomplishments are extremely respected and frequently achieved top managerial position.


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