Role of Women in Indian Society Essay

1) Please specify your age 2) Please mention the course you are currently studying 3) Please mention the highest qualification of either of your parents Father : PG,G,Higher secondary ,Other Mother : PG,G,Higher secondary ,Other 4) Have either of your parents worked or are working in the civil engineering sector Yes / No 5) Are any of your siblings qualified in the civil engineering department Yes/No 6) Please mention your role model,if any, and the industry(Civil/Telecom/IT) they are working in 7) Who made the choice of civil engineering as your course Own,Family,Guide,Other ) Approximately how many people(in %) around you discouraged you for having chosen the course after you took the course 0-25 %, 25-50%, 50-75%,75-100% 9) What would you say the social status of your family in the society is? Lower class,Lower middle class,Middle class,Upper middle class,Upper class Is salary the main reason for not pursuing in the construction sector? Please mention the minimum salary that you expect for a fresh graduate in the construction sector?

Did the choice of your friends not continuing in the Civil Engineering industry influence your decision in the same lines? Are family commitments the main factor for not pursuing in the Construction sector? Was safety for women in the Civil Engineering industry a factor that propelled the decision to not take construction industry? Is male domination a factor for you not to continued in the Construction industry? Do you think there is equaltity between male and females in the Construction industry? Is there scope of career growth in the Construction industry for females? ttp://spreadsheets. google. com/gform? key=tWVl6nXmBDKtvlfCFvdZjDg&hl=en#edit http://www. surveymonkey. com/s/2TJMR3H http://spreadsheets. google. com/gform? key=tWVl6nXmBDKtvlfCFvdZjDg&hl=en#edit for new survey visit this link- http://spreadsheets. google. com/gform? key=tWVl6nXmBDKtvlfCFvdZjDg&hl=en# The mind is like an untrained monkey. It keeps hopping from one tree to another until it is satisfied by the final destination. http://spreadsheets. google. com/gform? key=tWVl6nXmBDKtvlfCFvdZjDg&hl=en#edit

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Role of Women in Indian Society Essay
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