Roles And Responsibilities Of The Project Manager Construction Essay

As defined by Field and Keller ( 2007 ) Project direction is the subject of planning, organizing, procuring, managing, taking and commanding resources to accomplish a specific result or results during a defined clip period and given resource restraints. It is a impermanent enterprise which has a defined beginning and terminal which is aimed at accomplishing a set of specific ends and aims. Elenbass ( 2000 ) has showed that accomplishing the undertaking ends and aims within the given clip, agenda and cost restraints are the primary challenge of the undertaking direction. Hence the undertaking directors must try to use the resources expeditiously and efficaciously to run into the pre-defined criterions of public presentation and to optimize the productiveness of the resources.

The purpose of this assignment is to place certain undertakings to accomplish two chief concern aims for the fiscal twelvemonth of a big fabrication administration which has employed over 1250 employees including the office staff and mill workers ; to cut down the motion of staff from the premises during the tiffin interruption and to assist the staff to develop a healthy life manner as a portion of the CSR of the entity and to cut down the absenteeism consequently. Hence at the beginning of the paper several undertakings will be identified that are suggested to be executable to implement to accomplish these peculiar aims. Then a particular undertaking was selected and carried out the cardinal undertaking direction maps such as elaborated the and measure it for feasibleness, cost and clip direction, choice appropriate undertaking methodological analysis, set uping an appropriate direction, administrative construction and etc.

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Roles And Responsibilities Of The Project Manager Construction Essay
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Undertaking 01: Identifying Specific Undertakings

There are two chief aims of that have to be achieved during the current fiscal twelvemonth ;

Reducing the motion of staff from the company ‘s premises during the, tiffin interruption which has created an issue overcrowding the local country

Help the company ‘s staff to develop a healthy life manner as a portion of the policy of the administration

In order to accomplish these aims following factors should be considered before finding suited undertakings ;

There are more than 1250 office staff and mill staff who have been employed in the company

The staffs has been assigned with the scope of different functions

The offices and mill edifices are spread across an extended country

The is no bing catering services for the office staff or the mill workers

Consequently the company has been faced with the demand for developing a proper programs and plans to cut down the affairs associating to the motion of the employees during the tiffin interruption and overcrowding the premises and closing country ( Case Study ) . Hence writer suggested that following alternate undertakings can be considered to turn to these issues and to accomplish the above mentioned aims ;

Puting up a separate edifice to supplying catering services for the employees of the company

Puting up a separate edifice to take the tiffin and tea without supplying the catering services at the premises

Puting up a separate edifice and buy-in the external catering service

Arrange tiffin suites in every separate edifice in the premises and puting little edifice to purchase the repasts from an external catering service

A Chosen Undertaking

From the above mentioned alternate undertakings the first option ( Puting up a separate edifice to supplying catering services for the employees of the company ) due to following grounds ;

This alternate provides a long-run solution for the job

The employees will be happy about the employer since they feel that the company care their demands

This solution can be built and develop healthy relationships among the assorted staff of the company

The aims of CSR can be easy achieved

As a pre-requirement of be aftering the undertaking has to be sub-divided into major divisions. Consequently following sub-divisions can be identified with the high degree estimations of clip, resources and costs.

Undertaking Sub-Division


Time Estimates


Cost Estimates

Constructing the Building

This includes,

Planing the edifice

Estimating the costs and buying demands

Naming for stamps from the providers

Choosing providers

Constructing the edifice

2 months

External Architectures

Engineering Division and Top Management engagements including Budgetary commission

Tender board

Construction people and stuff


& A ; lb ; 5000

Arranging the Interior installations

This includes,

Arranging the seating installations

Arranging the canteen including fixed assets such as electric refrigerators, tellers, bringing tabular arraies, etc

1 month

Fiscal resources


Clerical staff

Fixed assets

Management and coordination

& A ; lb ; 3000

Establishing the catering service

This includes,

Enrolling kitchen and canteen staff

Buying fixed assets, equipments and goods for the kitchen and the canteen

2 months

Clerical staff

Human resource Division

Fiscal resources

Buying processs

Fixed assets

& A ; lb ; 2000Table 01: Undertaking Plan

Project Methodology – Prince 2

Having identified the above basicss of the chief undertaking a suited undertaking methodological analysis should be selected. There are several undertaking methodological analysiss can be identified in the Project Management literature such as the traditional attack, PRICE 2, Event Chain Methodology, Process Based Management, Critical Chain Project Management, etc. Among these the PRINCE 2 undertaking direction methodological analysis is the best suit for the undertaking under concern. As explained by Hutchings ( 2011 ) this method is a structured attack to project direction which provides a clearly defined model for undertaking direction. It describes how to organize people and activities of the undertaking, how to plan and oversee the undertaking and what actions should be taken if the undertaking reflects some divergences from the program and planned results. Consequently each activity is structured with clear input and end products leting the automatic control of the undertaking processes and efficiency of the resources. The undermentioned figure shows a typical PRINCE 2 methodological analysis.

Figure 01: Prince 2 Methodology

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Feasibility Assessment

Feasibility Criteria



Technical Feasibility

The proficient expertness for several facets of the undertaking should be made available from the external beginnings. Consequently following services are available for the undertaking ;

The undertaking planning staff

100 % The clerical staff

Engineering and planing

Budgetary commission

And following proficient accomplishments should be outsourced ;

80 % Building architecture

Construction technology

Cooking staff

There are dependable beginnings to obtain these proficient demands for the undertaking without greater trouble.

90 %

Schedule Feasibility

Agenda should be subjected to proper control ( 85 % ) . 15 % hazard appraisal is allowed.

The expertness of the external builders and proficient services is assured 100 % by the top direction

92.5 %

Human Resource Feasibility

The members of the corporate undertaking staff are freshly appointed. Therefore they should be subjected to proper counsel, commanding and monitoring processs in order to acquire their full potency for the undertaking work.

In the catering services field and edifice building their cognition and experience are significantly lack and hence effectual audience is required.

Required labor for the undertaking should be externally fulfilled since there are no idle labours that can be allocated for the undertaking.

20 %

Fiscal Feasibility

The fiscal for the undertaking can be sourced in following ways ;

Welfare fund: 12.5 %

CSR Budget allotments: 25 %

Company Bank Histories: 50 %

Employee Contribution: 12.5 %

100 %

Operational Feasibility

Since the undertaking is to be carried out using the external labor is can be operated without interrupting the normal fabrication and concern operations.

90 %

Sharing best patterns

The undertaking squad is prepared to use the lessons in the yesteryear and to obtain information farther from the external beginnings personally to do the undertaking a success.

90 %

Table 02: Feasibility Appraisal

Nicholas ( 2009 ) ; Warner ( 2010 ) ; Borow ( 2010 )

Administrative Structure

Based on the PRINCE 2 Project Methodology following construction can be developed for the direction and disposal of the undertaking ( Hartl, 2006 ) .

Project Planning Committee

Site 01

Site 02

Site 03

Catering Service Arrangement

Interior Facilitation

Building Construction





Enrolling Staff

HR Division


Corporate Undertaking Manager


CEO/ Director Board

Steering Committee

Figure 02: Administrative Breakdown construction

Functions and Duties of the Project Manager

Haughey ( 2011 ) has pointed that the function of the undertaking director is to be after, blessing, execution, control, proctor and executing of the undertaking. The executing involves the accumulating resources and organizing the people and physical resources in order to execute the undertakings efficaciously and expeditiously to the criterions of public presentation. Accordingly followerss are the duties of the undertaking director ;

Team leading


Developing agendas

Activity planning and programming

Planing and specify range

Hazard analysis

Monitoring and describing the advancement

Pull off the hazard issues

Control the quality

Gain the benefits

Undertaking Plan

Based on the PRINCE 2 undertaking methodological analysis adopted the undertaking program should be prepared. Consequently each procedure should be clearly defined with inputs and end products and necessary public presentation criterions and controls. Methodology should be inclusive of redresss for the possible divergences from the planned procedure. Consequently following undertaking program is outlined for the undertaking under consider ( Frese, 2003 ) .


Undertaking Name

Start Date


End Date



Building Construction





Planing the edifice






Estimating the costs and buying demands




Budgetary commission


Naming for stamps from the providers




Buying Dept


Choosing providers




Buying Dept


Buying process




Buying Dept


Constructing the edifice






Fixing Interior installations





Planing the interior agreement ( following the program of the edifice )




Undertaking planning squad


Estimating the costs and buying demands




Undertaking planning squad


Naming for stamps from the providers




Buying Dept


Choosing providers




Buying Dept


Buying process




Buying Dept






Labors, Project planning squad


Establishing the catering service





Planing the Human Resource demands




HR Division and Project Planning Team


Recruitment processs




HR Division


Recruitment and Choice




HR Division


Estimating the costs and buying demands




Undertaking planning squad


Buying process




Buying Dept


Closing of the undertaking





Post undertaking rating




Steering commission, Project director and the squad






Undertaking director


Hand over the paperss and undertaking to the direction




Undertaking director


Opening for employees




Undertaking planning squad, direction and employees

Table 03: Undertaking Plan

Undertaking 02

Alternative Project Team Structures

Team Structure


Pure Undertaking

The undertaking director has the full authorization over the undertaking

Every member studies to a one foreman

Line of communicating is shortened

Decisions are made rapidly

Motivation, squad spirit and committedness are high

The squads have non a sustainability after the undertaking is completed due to ignorance of the organizational ends and aims ( Baguley, 2003 )


One squad member may be working on several undertakings

The undertakings have been established within a certain functional division

Motivation, squad spirit and committedness are weak

Project trough ‘s function may non be defined clearly

The facets of the undertaking that are non straight related with the functional country may be inefficaciously achieved

Matrix Project

Project squad composed of people from different functional countries so that all facets of the undertaking are every bit fulfilled and considered

Undertaking director has defined functions and duties

Communication among the functional divisions is improved and enhanced

There would hold two foremans ; undertaking director and the functional director

There is a high hazard for failure of the undertaking unless the undertaking director possesses strong negotiating accomplishments ( Mullins, 2007 )

Table 04: Option Project Team Structure

Interpersonal Skills for Project Manager

Harmonizing to Yeong ( 2011 ) following interpersonal accomplishments are crucially of import for the undertaking directors in order to successfully pull off the advancement and people of the undertaking.

Leadership and influencing accomplishments

Team edifice



Decision devising


Political and cultural consciousness

Quality Management Process

Harmonizing to Borow, ( 2010 ) the quality direction procedure for the undertaking under concern is as follows ;

Quality planning:

The end of the undertaking: To set up a canteen for the employees of the company including office staff and mill workers in order to cut down the overcrowding in the local country and to advance healthy nutrients

Expected deliverables:

The edifice: broad sufficiently to garner employees, clean, proper waste and H2O disposal methods,

Providing service: established within the company premises, clean and healthy nutrients, low-cost monetary values for all staff, handiness of picks

Measuring the success: Post undertaking rating, questionnaire study among the employees, physical public presentation of the edifice, H2O and waste disposal systems

Quality Assurance

In order to guarantee the quality of the deliverables, following stairss will be followed ;

Building: utilise the best stuffs, get the services of the well-known builders, utilise the service of the recognized and assured architectures and interior decorators

Providing service: employ most skilled and well-experienced cookery staff, set the conditions for service associating to quality, clean and healthy nutrients, guarantee tidy environment

Quality control

In order to command the quality of the deliverables, ratings and suggestions of the undermentioned individuals will be considered.

The physical trials of the technology caputs

Assurance of the HR division associating to the competence of the canteen staff

Physical confirmation by the undertaking squad and the direction of the waste disposal systems

The employees of the company

Pull offing Project Change Proposals

Changes are possible in class of the undertakings due to assorted deductions of the undertaking direction and stakeholder influences. Following typical alteration direction process will be followed to guarantee the alterations are decently managed during the undertaking guaranting the success.

Figure 03: Change Management during the Course of the Undertaking

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Possible Issues and Risks

As shown by Viney ( 2004 ) following undertaking hazards and issues should be encountered.

Risk / Issue


Business/ Inherent Risk

Culture and political relations that are predominating within the administration may impact the undertaking executing, monitoring and controlling.

Undertaking specific hazard

The accomplishments of the undertaking squad, as discussed earlier are well deficient for this undertaking. Hence there is a high demand for proper control, executing and supervising of the undertaking leading during the work

Phase hazard

Hazard associated with the each sub-division of the undertaking

Table 05: Possible Hazards

Monitoring and Evaluation

In order to supervise and command the undertaking work successfully the stakeholder analysis can be adopted. As claimed by Kerzner, ( 2004, pp 358 ) . The stakeholder analysis helps to place the individuals or the groups that should be involved in the determination doing procedure of the undertaking and to whom, what and how to circulate the information about the undertaking. Additionally the stakeholders would impact and affect in the alteration direction and control processs. By placing and specifying their demands the undertaking director can efficaciously find how should the undertaking be monitored and on what bases or criteria the undertaking should be evaluated. Consequently following analysis can be used for the monitoring and rating intents of the undertaking.

Stakeholder type

Parties may included


Critically affect the success of the undertaking

Budgetary commission

Top direction

External services

Undertaking squad

Comply with the organisational policies, patterns and system processs

Effective Coverage

Proper coordination and handiness of resources

Legally required to take part

The local authorities officers

To guarantee the building of a edifice in the local country

Have specific expertness on undertaking

The undertaking planning squad

Steering commission

Project squad including the undertaking director

Building builders and interior decorators


HR Division

The right quality and criterions of public presentation of the relevant deliverables


The employees

The company

The improved and quality environment

Healthy and clean nutrients

Low-cost monetary values

Continuous care

System to observe and pull off issues

As Frese, ( 2003 ) explained, the undertaking charter can be used as a beginning papers in order to observe and pull off issues of the undertaking. This papers includes all of the undermentioned inside informations ;





Acceptance standards

Cost and man-hour appraisals

Risk direction policy

Resources demand

Benefits and impacts

Link to the corporate concern and CSR scheme


Project direction is dealt with pull offing undertakings efficaciously within the given ternary restraints of cost, clip and agenda. In order to pull off a undertaking successfully the undertaking directors and squad members should possess a scope of accomplishments, experience and competences. If the undertaking squad armed with necessary accomplishments and competences or has the speedy entree to dependable beginnings, the undertaking can be achieved successfully. Further interpersonal accomplishments are extremely of import for the undertaking directors. Since, particularly in the matrix squad construction the undertaking director plays a important function by efficaciously negociating with the functional directors and the employees assigned from assorted functional countries to dispatch the undertaking undertakings. There are chief three types of squad constructions that can be used to organize the undertaking squad. The undertaking must be subjected to decently established quality control processes and the results should be benchmarked in order to guarantee the expected deliverables. Stakeholder analysis can be used to supervise and measure the undertaking based on the nature and intent.


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