Roles and Responsibilities Through all Stages of a Construction Project Essay

Undertaking 1. Describe the functions and duties of all parties involved in the planning and design stages.


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Roles and Responsibilities Through all Stages of a Construction Project Essay
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An proprietor is the individual who owns the undertaking and has full authorization to command the whole undertaking. He is chiefly involved in the procedure for back uping the fiscal affair for the building undertaking to travel through easy. He has to pay for fees and charges associated with the work. Besides, he has to work together with designer and other advisers to accomplish the end of the building undertaking


Architect proctors the building of the undertaking to guarantee that building is in conformity with the programs and specifications prepared by the designer and approved by the Owner and Contractor. He has to prosecute in review and completion of the edifice procedure for the designing and supervision of the edifice work which the designer has full control of the proceedings.


The individual or entity engaged by the loaner to independently look into and verify that the advancement of building conforms to the programs, specifications and Contract Documents in order to allow building loan payments to the contractor. His duty is non to the Owner but to the loaner to guarantee the loaner that the loaner is paying for true building costs and to guarantee loaner precedence.

Facility Manager

Facility Manager is chiefly affecting in the development of maestro programs for installations and belongingss every bit good as budget projections for proposed undertakings. He often serves as rental directors for the owner’s rental belongingss and is charged with tenant dealingss. His duty might include infinite planning, use surveies, and infinite stock list and allotments. In add-on, he might be in charge of minor capital undertakings in the same location as contracted work and services.

Estimating Engineer

Estimating applied scientist has the duty for pricing edifice work in conformity with stamp paperss and to help direction in their entry of a stamp to the client or designer. This includes a study on the undertaking in manus and a sum-up of undertaking inside informations and a note of any affairs of concern.


The builder’s contriver is responsible for choosing the most cost and clip effectual method of transporting out the work, programming each activities of work in a co-ordinate order so as to supply continuity of work primary for the builder’s operations set uping labor and works demands supplying inside informations of site demands such as staffing and the proposed layout of the site.

Ref & gt ;CSI Construction Contract Administration Practice Guide

Undertaking 2 Describe the functions and duties of all parties involved in the building phases.

Undertaking Manager

Undertaking Manager is the individual who has the duty for guaranting that the Project Team completes the undertaking. The Undertaking Manager develops the Undertaking Plan with the squad and manages the team’s public presentation of undertaking undertakings. It is besides the duty of the Project Manager to procure credence and blessing of deliverables from the Project Sponsor and Stakeholders. The Undertaking Manager is responsible for communicating, including position coverage, hazard direction, escalation of issues that can non be resolved in the squad, and, in general, doing certain the undertaking is delivered in budget, on agenda, and within range.

The Quantity Surveyor

The Quantity Surveyor provides the client with advice on edifice costs and contractual affairs throughout the edifice procedure, in add-on, acts as a adviser to the designer. He besides supports for the fixing the stamp certification, having and analysing stamps and fixing the stamp study for the client and recommendations for blessing.

Consulting applied scientist

Consulting applied scientist is responsible to the designer for the design of certain parts of the undertaking and supply information that will help the measure surveyor with his fiscal coverage. He is involved in the work carried out by nominative sub-contractor.

Health and Safety Inspector

Health and Safety Inspector is employed by the wellness and safety jurisprudence enforcement bureau to guarantee that the building undertaking site has to follow the safety ordinances and codifications of pattern associating to the Health and Safety at Work act are observed on the edifice sites.

Construction Workers

Construction workers are different harmonizing to their different Fieldss. They are a really particular strain of worker. They own their specific occupations, responsibilities and duties in the building sites. They have to follow the client to accomplish their maps.

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Undertaking 3 ( a ) Describe the corporate and personal duties of all parties in building.

Construction Company with stockholders is to do up an of import determination they have to keep a meeting with spouses. For of import undertakings, the spouses vote for the determination and the result is carried out by the undertaking director. Undertaking director plays an of import function in building concern because he is entrusted the end of undertaking by the board of managers. He has to do little determinations on his ain to make the end and describe the results to the board of manager at regular meetings.As for the exclusive proprietor, every ends and determinations has to do by himself. And he needs to make all the occupation as a director. But the ends and schemes can be changed harmonizing to the state of affairs by the proprietor.

( B ) Evaluate the differences between these duties.


Owner is the 1 who owns the whole building site and supports money to construct his edifice with his desire organisation. He settles the undertaking completion day of the month which governs the programming of work for both the interior decorator and contractor. He should put precedences for the constituents that make-up the undertaking.

The Design Organization

The design organisation assists a design agenda of the owner’s agenda. In the agenda, there is a prioritization of work in conformity with the owner’s demands and should be developed with extended input from all interior decorators who will hold chief functions in the design procedure.

The Construction Contractor

The building contractor must develop a agenda for all building activities in conformity with the contract paperss. It should include procurance and bringing of stuffs to the occupation, coordination of labour and equipment on the occupation, and interface the work of all sub-contractors. The aim of the building agenda should be to efficaciously pull off the work to procedure the best quality undertaking for the proprietor. The intent of building programming should non be to settle differences related to project work but to pull off the undertaking in the most efficient mode.

Undertaking Manager

The function of the undertaking director is the monitoring and commanding the all facets of a undertaking and the motive of all those involved to accomplish the undertaking objectives on clip and to be, public presentation and quality. He besides acts on behalf of the Client to direct the Design Team and guarantee that they have the appropriate information and apprehension to efficaciously put to death the undertaking. Besides, he manages the building squad public presentation of undertaking undertakings harmonizing to the Undertaking Plan.


The duty of an designer is to fix building drawings and specifications. Sometimes, he lodges the planning application and edifice warrants in co-ordination with the remainder of the squad. He acts as the leader of the remainder of the design squad to the client’s demands design. In add-on, he will specify client’s demands, arrange site probes, set up the preferable solution, develop the design, prepare room informations sheets and advice on stuffs choice, etc.

Structural Engineer

The duty of the Structural Engineer is to plan the edifice construction, including the drainage installing. SE must organize their design to run into the architect’s design and give advice to client on the most appropriate signifier of construction for the edifice. Besides, he besides supports cost advice to the Quantity Surveyor affecting to all facets of the edifice construction.

Servicess Engineer ( Mechanical and Electrical Services )

The duty of the services applied scientist is to stipulate and plan all the services for mechanical and electrical harmonizing to the client demands. He has to organize with the Architect and the Structural Engineer to run into the client demands. Besides, he besides supports the cost advice to the Quantity Surveyor as required to let cost planning and monitoring. In add-on, he provides the advice the client to do best determinations in footings of energy usage, sustainability, lifecycle costs and relevant “Green Issues” .

The CDM Coordinator ( Health and Safety Adviser )

The function of the CDM Coordinator is to rede the execution of the CDM ordinances to the client for the undertaking. Health and Safety Adviser co-ordinates the Health & A ; Safety facets of the design work, and co-operate with the other advisers employed on the undertaking. He prepares the Pre-Contract Health and Safety Plan and work with all the other advisers to guarantee that Safety is high on the undertaking docket.

Ref & gt ; Guide to Procuring Construction Project

Undertaking 4. Explain the modern engineering ( computing machine system ) available to interior decorators, contrivers and builders

Project direction Software

Project direction package assists the group undertaking in be aftering their everyday occupation easier by taking over from the chief squad members the plodding of manual computation, interpolation, alteration, tracking, commanding, and alteration direction.

All of the undertaking direction package provides the complex nature of dependence of events and activities and programming of work force for optimal use. Besides, it determines the dispensableness for the interest of allowing holiday and mileposts and deadlines with the care ways. Furthermore, it keeps the path of critical way and shifting of criticalness and generates the studies on undertaking position for circulation automatically.

Photorealistic Rendering

3D/4D theoretical account engineering can be used for selling intents by builder, developer and interior decorator on private undertakings or to affect in community on public undertaking. Specialist in this engineering can offer clear images for their clients by flying 3D walkthrough short film cartridge holder.

This sort of engineering is used to clemonstrate complex geometic that can non be demonstrated by two dimension engineerings. IT plays of import function to better the quality of meeting between proprietor and undertaking squad because it helps the interior decorator to convey their thought really good.

Cost Estimating

The cost can be estimated by utilizing 3D to bring forth the quality measures. Furthermore, it is possible to do a connexion automatically between 3D and cost appraisal. Cost Estimating Software needs to update by the user.

Analyzing Construction Operationss

In this procedure, 4D and 3D can be used by undertaking director to supervise the advancement of work at peculiar clip. This engineering makes the sequence and agenda of undertaking building clear. Furthermore, it increases the truth of building operations and reduces the mistakes.

3D and 4D Model Applications

3D and 4D theoretical account is one of the utile engineerings that is used in building as per research workers rating within educational or industrial scenes. Furthermore, these engineerings play of import function in undertaking building disposal. The get downing point for building is to understand how to utilize 3D/4D theoretical account engineerings severally.

Undertaking 5 ( a ) Describe the consequence of technological progresss on the assorted stages of building undertakings.

Presents, engineerings stand an of import regulation to ease the undertaking in building undertakings. The impact of engineerings supports to finish the undertaking with low cost, avoid differences between contractor and proprietor and without errors. It besides leads to heighten the public presentation of worker, increase the productiveness and better safety. The impact of engineerings on communicating system will be covered in the research that effects on the successful of finishing undertakings. The engineering has no bound to halt and twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours new engineering adds value to the word in different facets.It helps to communicating between the people in building, make the determination with increasing velocity and automatizing maps.

( B )Analyze the use of computing machine system and the development of new stuffs in the building undertakings.

Computer Systems

Computer systems stand as an incidental tool for the building. It supports the design and undertaking direction to hold emphasized numerical computations and the usage of computing machines will quickly travel towards the more prevailing and hard jobs of planning, communicating, design and direction.Besides, computerized transportation of information supports to avoid arduous and erring written text of undertaking information.In add-on, CAD develops the drawings of the building undertaking by automatizing in drawings. It gives accurate the drawing to the point and saves the interior decorators clip.

Global Positioning Systems

GPS appraising instruments steps in 3D ( X, Y, and Z planes ) that make it easy for the surveyor to take accurate measurings for any point of the country. It receives signals from GPS orbiters in footings of longitude, latitude, and lift ( from sea degree ) along with some other information to give exact measurings. By utilizing the GPS, labour intensive can be reduced in footings of field processs. GPS is non merely utile in appraising but besides in puting up of the equipment blades and pails for the right angel to cut and make full the operations.

Entire Station

  • A Entire Station is a light-weight instrument, incorporating the engineering of an electronic or digital transit, an electronic distance mensurating device and a microprocessor in the same unit. It is used for distance and angular measuring, informations processing, digital show of point inside informations and informations storage in an electronic field book. The digital panel displays the distances, angles, highs and the co-ordinates of the ascertained country. A microprocessor applies corrections for the Earth ‘s curvature and refraction automatically.

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