Roles of Citizen Singapore Essay

Roles as a citizen in your country I find that my roles as a citizen in Singapore is to help to make Singapore a better place. As what one person can do is only so small, but it will always make a difference nonetheless. I would help to stay strong and vigilance to help Singapore be a crime free place as much as possible. I would also help Singapore to upkeep her reputation as a green and clean city. I would have social responsibility and not to litter and also tell others to do the same. I also find that as a citizen in Singapore I could also spread the word to be kind and gracious to the whole nation.

It will improve the nation’s image and also the overall happiness of the nation. It will be good and delightful no matter what time of the day when someone will just give you a nice smile and greet you. I find that there is a lot of roles that a citizen could play, etc, Teacher, students, NSFs, doctors, and many more. The teachers will pass down the knowledge to the younger generation while the students will gain the knowledge and thus contribute to the nation by entering different profession in the future. The NSFs, Nsmen, regular soldiers and the police will help out in the security for our nation.

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Roles of Citizen Singapore Essay
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And the doctors and nurses help in the health of our countrymen. All these will contribute to the security, growth and prosperity of our nation. Roles of a military leader I find that as a military leader, one must be able to motivate, inspire and maintain discipline of the men under him and always keep his words. A military leader also have to be an example to his men. A military leader must know how to motivate his men so that his men will follow him and go the extra mile for him. Men without motivation will not be able to do things efficiently and will effect the military operation greatly.

Men without motivation will go to the extent and defy orders given to them, which will be deadly if it happen at the wrong time. A military leader must also be able to inspire his men so as to let his men have the wanting to learn and grow stronger. Thus, having better soldiers, giving them purpose to training. A military leader must also be able to maintain the discipline of his men under him as discipline is one of the most important factor in the army. An army without discipline is just like a bunch of rouge with weapons. Discipline makes the men obey and follow you through tough times and listen o orders when situation gets tough and messy. It is of utmost importance during operations. A military leader have to have respectable character and the men will follow. Any leader without respectable characters will have no followers. “Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley. ” -Sun Tzu Opinions on each of the SAF core values Loyalty to Country Loyalty to country is what commits us as citizens to protect and defend our nation. The nation represents our homeland, all that is cherished by us, our family and our way of life.

We have a responsibility to protect the nation. Leadership Leadership is being able to influence and motivate one’s peers and fellow soldiers – to imbue them with trust and confidence so that they will carry out mission confidently and to their best ability. Discipline Discipline in the SAF is obedience of orders and the timely and accurate execution of assigned tasks. This is achieved through tough training geared towards operational readiness and combat effectiveness. The essence of discipline is doing what we have to, even when it is difficult and painful, and doing it to the best of our abilities.

Professionalism In the SAF, professionalism is proficiency, and reliability in all we do. This would involve having a sound knowledge of what we have to do and doing it well. We know our roles and responsibilities, and we carry them out well. Professionalism is a continual strive for excellence, which rejects complacency. Fighting Spirit Fighting Spirit is the tenacity to succeed on whatever we do. In the SAF particularly, it is marked by determination, aggressiveness and perservance in the spirit of a fighting fit defence force.

Fighting spirit makes us courageous, bold and decisive, with the necessary aggressiveness to engage decisively in a battle and quickly put an end to it. Ethics Ethics is about knowing what one ought to do when no one is watching – it concerns the moral will to do what is right despite the threats to values-based actions both in peacetime and in war. It involves choosing or deciding from among competing values and principles, what to act upon. In the context of the military, ethical conduct is displayed through one’s exemplary behaviours, respect for others, and sense of loyalty and responsibility.

It means being honest and accurate in one’s dealings with others and not misusing one’s position or power against others for selfish gains or personal grudges. Care for Soldiers Care for Soldiers is the genuine concern that we have for the well-being of our fellow soldiers and those in our command. This includes a personal touch, proper equipping, feeding, training and providing adequate rest both in peacetime and in war. It is training soldiers so well that they can protect themselves and survive in battle.

This is the philosophy of more sweat in peacetime and less blood in war. Commitment to defense I feel that my commitment to the defense of Singapore is to always be there when the nation call. During peacetime, I would commit myself to training and self improvement so when the time comes, I will be ready. Singapore also have re-service and I could also continue to improve myself during the time. I would also be alert on the news of the events happening in Singapore so as to know what will be going on and be prepare for the defense of the nation when anything goes wrong.


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