Roles of Higher Education Essay

Roles of Higher Education Higher Education In today’s world can mean many things; to some It Is self- Improvement, job Insurance, a development of character, social Improvement and to many It may Just be an experience worth paying for. Whatever it may be the pursuit and completion of higher education Is assurance of what the mall goal seems to be now “money’. From the interviews I did with my peers and Pertness’s What’s the Matter with College? ” We can debate the idea; that college is not what It used to be or what it was intended to be. Majority of the students currently in college or spring, attend for a better Job.

Although a “better Job” is a good thing to strive for the essence of being a good citizen has completely been lost. In Robert Hull’s Article Enlighten Self interest he quotes quotes Benjamin Franklin. “government should establish seminaries of learning to produce people qualified to serve the public with honor to themselves and their country. ” (Hull Page). This notion The role of higher education for an individual is shaped by Self-improvement; The act of improving oneself. (Webster) Higher education gives the opportunity to develop and increase in mental, emotional, and intellectual capacity by education and experience. No knowledge is wasted” therefore it can be inferred that any knowledge gained in the process tot higher education is a tool in the betterment tot oneself. In areas such as time management, discipline and Integrity. And greater than these It shows the tenacity In an Individual to begin and finish anything. Although attending A university or college does not secure a Job or career It can almost guarantee a foot In the door of new opportunities. The process of getting and keeping a Job Is highly influenced by one’s resume. The resume Is a tool for defining mental capability and status of an employee.

The more degrees an individual Is able to attain and show case, the more opportunities avail themselves. The Job market is increasingly competitive; More Jobs now require specialized training and college degrees now than ever before. Pursuing a higher education gives one a chance to make connections with fellow students and professors that can later serve as great connections after a student graduates. A college degree gives scholars the best possible chance to succeed in finding and keeping a job that interests them. Allege education generally makes a well-rounded person.

It shapes communication skills, expands knowledge base, and exposes you to a whole new world of learning. College graduates are generally more confident, emotionally and financially secure. They usually exhibit social skills such as being articulate in speech, engaging in conversation. And also being able to build and sustain business and personal relationships. Whichever the reason may be for pursuing higher education, Education Is something that cannot be taken away from you. No matter what happens In your life ND career, your college degree Is an achievement of timeless value.

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Roles of Higher Education Essay
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