Roles of Women in Post-Classical Periods Essay

Today. in our modern society. adult females are treated more or less every bit with work forces. But was it like that in post-classical societies long ago? What was it like in two post-classical periods. of North Africa and Southwest Asia? North Africa had its differences. Southwest Asia had its ain. but they shared some similarities as good.

In North Africa. adult females were really deemed high in their society. They were considered the beginning of life and were frequently held in higher respect than work forces. They planted and harvested harvests while the work forces performed the heavy labour and cleared the land. Women tended to the kids and were responsible for domestic house jobs. Many adult females even took portion in trade and market. going merchandisers in long-distance trading. Surprisingly. adult females in post-classical North Africa even created their ain military units.

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Roles of Women in Post-Classical Periods Essay
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The coming of Islam did non alter the functions of adult females in North Africa much. Besides the fact that some adult females were required to have on a head covering and lead secluded lives. most freely talked with work forces and worked alongside them in society.

However. it was another narrative in Southwest Asia. Before post-classical Southwest Asia. adult females were treated as belongings. They were considered inferior being and were non allowed to keep governmental or societal places. They were non given much freedom. sing their lone intent in life was to bear kids and pull off the family. Even more shockingly. if a adult male and adult female committed the same offense. the adult male could acquire off unhurt. but the penalty for adult females may be every bit rough as decease!

Subsequently on. after the beginning of post-classical Southwest Asia. adult females were given more freedom and had more strength and influence in their societies. They were treated more every bit with the coming of Islam. Although most of post-classical Asia took some clip to catch up. finally adult females were treated every bit every bit as work forces.

These two civilisations did non portion many similarities at all. In fact. the lone existent thing they had in common was the conquest of Islam and its consequence on them. Besides the fact that Islam brought them a little more freedom. these two civilisations portion nil in their intervention of adult females.

Equal rights is a large issue in the universe. Womans have been contending for them for old ages. even as far back as post-classical clip periods. North Africa and Southwest Asia. illustrations of some epochs. are found different in their intervention of adult females. They had their differences and they had their similarities. But finally. it lead up to adult females holding the same rights as work forces.


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