Romantic or Real Essay

Romanticism can non be identified with a individual manner. technique. or attitude. but romantic picture is by and large characterized by a extremely inventive and subjective attack. emotional strength. and a dreamlike or airy quality. Romantic art characteristically strives to show by suggestion. provinces of experiencing excessively intense. mystical. or elusive to be clearly defined. Realism. on the other manus. is an effort to depict human behaviour and milieus or to stand for figures and objects precisely as they act or appear in life. Attempts at pragmatism have been made sporadically throughout history in all the humanistic disciplines ; the term is. nevertheless. by and large restricted to a motion that began in the mid-19th century. in reaction to the extremely subjective attack of romanticism. The plant of John Constable and Honore Daumier show the great differences in Romantic features and Realist features. both with the topics they painted and the manners that they used to paint.

John Constable was an English painter who was known for his landscape picture in the romantic manner ( Encarta ) . Constable was a leader in showing an idealised image of rural life and nature. He infused quiet English landscapes with profound feeling. Constable’s “The Hay Wain” is a countryside scene. It helped to add characteristics to the romantic motive. such as watercourses. state bungalows. and farming area scenes ( Matthews and Platt 465 ) . One could about hear the air current blowing through the trees and sound of running H2O. The airy or surreal quality is portrayed in this picture with the usage of natural colouring and lighting. He was known to concentrate on the intangible qualities. like the conditions of visible radiation. sky and atmosphere. than with the concrete inside informations of a scene. He achieved a freshness of vision through the usage of aglow colourss and bold. thick brushwork. With the drama of single imaginativeness. Constable gave look to emotion and temper.

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Honore Daumier was a Gallic painter who focused on the realistic subjects of mundane life ( Encarta ) . Unlike the subjects of Constable and Romanticism. Daumier wanted to be realistic and paint mundane events affecting ordinary people. In his painting “The Third Class Carriage. ” Daumier displays the mundane in-between category provincials on a train. He does non give each individual single features but alternatively uses stereotypes ( Matthews & A ; Platt 498 ) . He uses dark. muted colourss alternatively of aglow colourss like Constable. His free brushwork gives the painting an about unfinished quality. He besides chooses to concentrate on the discreteness of each traveller even though they are all so close together in this little train auto. There is no imaginativeness at work here ; this is purely a picture of mundane life as Daumier sees it.

Romanticism and Realism are like dark and twenty-four hours. One shows the imaginativeness at work and the other focal points on the rough world of the mundane universe. Constable and Daumier use two different manners of painting. Constable utilizations aglow colourss and bold brushwork to convey his painting the “The Hay Wain” together as a whole. while Daumier with his dark tones and free brushwork chooses to divide his topics in “The Third Class Carriage. ”

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