”Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare Sample Essay

Romeo and Juliet are the most celebrated brace of lovers in Western literature. but is their love existent. or is it merely infatuation? Some people claim that Romeo and Juliet are merely melodramatic adolescents. Others argue that the Romeo and Juliet’s love is the sort of love everyone should draw a bead on to happen. What cogent evidence does the drama provide that their love is “real love. ” non merely infatuation? I think that their love was existent. did non count if they were immature and unwise. It was love at first sight. their love for each other was what they had in common. And the feeling they had was equal. To happen what they had is rare and when it happens. you should ever take your opportunity. even if love hurts sometimes. Like it did for Romeo and Juliet. they had their households against them but even after all these difficulty’s they struggled against the hatred. They kept their religion and love. and stuck to each other for good and bad. I truly think it’s a truly affecting narrative. couse they truly proved in the terminal that there love was existent. Both of them took their life’s for each other. what they had said before was now merely words. When you really turn out what you’re thought of. or feeling is by demoing it and actions says it all.

One of the things that truly was oculus gap. was when he got the intelligence about her decease. he did non cognize that she was alive but he decided to kill himself with toxicant. Couse for him. life is non deserving life if she was non alive. he ne’er saw the station he got from friar in clip. the whole state of affairs would alter if he saw that message he got. One simple girl and both of them would be alive if he found out the truth in clip. So I truly think it’s of import to happen and love person you would make everything for. Peoples should be aspired for something like this love. It’s non easy to happen. but easy to louse but. it’s worth to louse some pride for. There two sides of this narrative I think. what would hold happen in the hereafter if they ne’er died. in clip would it last. or was their relationship easy deceasing. I mean when you think about it. did they of all time talk about childs or future programs in the film / book. Everything was truly traveling quick between them. and they were populating each twenty-four hours as it comes. were it true love or was it merely a infatuation.

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”Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare Sample Essay
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When it would hold been clip to speak about measures lodging and nutrient. what would hold happened so. would it hold dampened their relationship. Or would their matrimony grow stronger with clip. good we will ne’er cognize the reply of that. I am a existent optimist. I ever look at the bright side of everything. if I was in there state of affairs I would contend for it and maintain my caput up. Love makes you naif and foolish sometimes. but you need some realistic ideas and programs every bit good. Before Romeo seen Juliet he was frantically in love with Rosaline. but I think it was merely his imaginativeness. he was in love of the thought of her. and that he was ( in love with love ) . He tried to make what he read about in books and truly he was a hopeless sentimentalist. looking for the love he read approximately. He felt something losing inside of him. And he was seeking to replace it with the incorrect adult female. what he saw is non was his bosom wanted. So if he had Rosaline I think he would acquire world-weary of her and go forth when he had realized. that she was non the 1 for him.

What would hold happened to Romeo and Juliet if they hadn’t died? Is their relationship sustainable over clip? Do they hold anything to offer each other one time the initial explosion of passion calmed down? Would Romeo travel on from Juliet every bit rapidly as he moved on from Rosaline?

If Romeo and Juliet ne’er died they would likely with clip. do their family’s happen peace with each other. In that manner there hereafter would be truly bright and optimistic. There merely obstruction was their households and their complicated yesteryear. Every single thinks otherwise about this state of affairs. If I had a fellow. that couldn’t be a portion of my household. I would believe twice because my household is my life. If the one I love didn’t accept my household. so we would hold a large job. Would you truly give up your whole household. for one individual? That’s why everybody looks at this in their ain ways. sometimes people don’t know what they have until they lose it. I think if Us have people that truly love and care for you. they would accept your state of affairs. if non possibly you should be like them and convey in the act of egoism. Romeo and Juliet died for each other so I truly think that they would be happy. and there love would merely turn stronger by the twenty-four hours.

I mean nil is perfect but when u found love everything else gets easier. you look at life otherwise and you fight for the things you want and desire. Knowing that you have the one you love by your side trough rough and difficult times. will give you courage and strength to take for the best life style. Moments you want to maintain and some you want to bury. Somehow you will ever hold the good with you. at all clip with your lover. I truly don’t think he would travel on from her as he did with Rosaline. Possibly if some of them found something more appealing than they already had with each other. I truly think the hardest thing in life is. if you fall in love with person that doesn’t have any comparable feelings for you. For some of this peoples love turns to jealousy and within clip hatred and evil grows. Love and desire makes you brainsick sometimes. you should ever be careful with love. for some people it’s a game for other its pure love with no attend for stupidity and infantile actions.

The fact that Romeo and Juliet have sex is what makes it impossible for Juliet to get married Paris – and it is what leads to the play’s concluding calamity. Why do the Friar and the Nurse decide to assist Romeo and Juliet spend the dark together. even after he has killed Tybalt? Could the film still have unfolded in a similar manner without this dark of lovemaking?

In some manner I think friar and the nurse helped them out. because they truly cared for them. For Romeo and Juliet to pass the dark together and doing love would perchance halt the matrimony of her and Paris. Couse back in those yearss sex was prohibited. to be virgins when they got married was truly of import and sacred. Back in the “olden days” most people waited for matrimony to hold sex. It was more passionate and private. Sexual activity was in other words ‘Sacred’ . Now It is done by 10 twelvemonth olds and people do it on camera. Its more exposed to hold sexual relationships now. and I think it’s a small spot sad. Because I truly think it’s of import to hold sex with person particular. one mean everybody got demands but some of them use it the incorrect manner. sometimes it can develop to a unsafe sex act. friar helps Juliet with a potion that would do her appear dead for two yearss. so that Romeo and Juliet could get away together. Maybe it helps them to experience more affiliated to each other. to hold that passionate marrying dark they both disserved. They wanted each other so much that they didn’t attention about anything else. I don’t believe this dark would alter anything. of what could hold happened in the hereafter. This dark didn’t save their approaching life. You ever want the best for the people you care for and it’s truly thoughtful of mendicant and the nurse to assist them out. but that was non plenty. it ended in a truly tragic manner.


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