Romeo and Juliet Collage Essay

Romeo and Juliet. One of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays is the classic love story of Romeo and Juliet. I believe the reason for this is its strong sense of reality, loss and most importantly love. This collage represents the unconditional love that Romeo and Juliet share through images and quotes found through the pages of modern day magazines. Love Love is one of the strongest emotions, as a human we can experience. If we don’t feel loved we crave it to the point of tears, and if we do feel loved we always expect more. There’s just no happy medium.

In Romeo and Juliet the two share such a strong attraction that leads them to death. Happiness In the collage the images 1, 11,13 and 12 resemble the love between a man and a women e. g. Romeo and Juliet. In picture 11, the warmth you feel in the photo can give you a sense of desperation to feel the safety that the woman shows though facial expression. Romeo gave Juliet this ‘warmth and security’ even without his presence. He made her feel like, no matter what, everything was going to be alright. Image 1 shows the cheekiness that the movie portrays at times.

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The happiness that, that kind of love can guarantee you even at a young age is thrilling and leaves you with an endless smile even when thinking about it. No-one can feel the love that leaves you speechless, and no two people describing love will get the same definition. But the one thing that gives away the feeling of love, is the content smile they carry. In image 13 this is evident as both the male, and female have huge smiles showing how happily in love they are. Settling for second best Image 10, portrays a feeling of settling for second best.

The image shows a picture of a knight in shining armor, riding a horse, with a sword in his hand, otherwise referred to as ‘a knight in shining armor’ . We often thing of teenage love as, one boyfriend this week, another guy the next . Juliet saw Romeo as her ‘shining knight’ and this should be a role model relationship and choice, for the younger audience. She shows that she is grateful to have a boy that loves her, for the way she is. We should be grateful with the partner we have, and not think of if we can ‘get better’ etc. Friendship

In image 2 and 3, there is a love that is often not forgotten about but put last, and that is friendship. Romeo shows that he would do anything for his friends as he killed Juliet’s Cousin, we he killed Percussio. The images represent friendship, as the happiness evident on their faces, and closeness to another without feeling uncomfortable. Friendship is a very strong type of love, and is vital for everyone. Passionate love Image 1 and 12 connect through showing a passionate and somewhat more sexual bond between two people. This is relevant as, in the film there are many ‘sexual’ and kissing scene.

In such a strong attraction that Romeo and Juliet have, it is normal for them to lust over one another. Sometimes the attraction is necessary to carry out and stabilize a healthy relationship. stereotypical man Women love seeing what’s behind the surface when it comes to men. They love to be surprised and a man that shows emotion. But I guess the stereotypical man, doesn’t clearly express emotion. In image 4, the quote ‘Real men open their hearts, minds and mouths’ shows, that women aren’t looking for the stereotypical tough man or an unemotional man. They appreciate somebody who will tell them they love them, and express how they feel.

Someone like Romeo. Conclusion As previously mentioned, love is the biggest emotion you can feel in your human life. It make you feel happy, incredible and unforgettable. In Romeo and Juliet’s case, it made them feel everything. They had such a strong connection that could never be destroyed, their determination to be together even when they knew their relationship could never be ‘normal’ is inspiring. Through the images, quotes and explanation I have used, it should make obvious the talent of William Shakespeare and the meaning behind ‘love’ in the film. By Emily Merchant.


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