Romeo and Juliet Sample Essay

Fate. most people don’t even believe in it ; in fact some don’t even cognize what it is. There are many definitions of Fate. but most seem to go around around something like a force—in which no 1 can control—in life. But one of the few people—in that little percentage—that do believe in destiny. so happens to include William Shakespeare himself. and he tries to proof Fate to be true through nonliteral linguistic communication and incidents. in his book Romeo and Juliet. This narrative is about two households. really similar to one another. but yet different. for unhappily. a household feud keeps them apart. The boy and girl of each household autumn in love and due to all the force per unit areas they feel from their household and others. they die. side by side in their unfortunate love.

Figurative linguistic communication ; although most do non take the elusive intimations. many are so scoured all through out the book—clues about Fate being existent. One of which are found in Act1. Scence4. Line113. “ ‘I fright excessively early. for my head misgives some effect yet hanging in the stars. shall bitterly get down his fearful day of the month with this darks revels…By some despicable forfeit of ill-timed decease. ’ ” This is Romeo. boy of the Montague household. He is stating this merely before he meets Juliet. girl of the opposing House. He says solemnly that he feels that something tonight will go on here—at the Capulet’s party—where it will alter his life everlastingly. and lead to his decease. Romeo ended it with stating ; he felt it in the stars. Now. there is one curious thing taking up to this meeting between the two households. And that is how Romeo even got to cognize of—his purportedly hated people—Capulet’s party.

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A servingman. with the list of people to go to asks Romeo to read it for him. due to this unusual happenstance that he. bearing the invitations. can non read. Now pray Tell. is this non. but the Fates making? Stars. is the concealed key significance ; it is the camouflage of the Fates. Although non seen or spoken out loud. Shakespeare has ‘stars’—a mention to the Heavens—to base for the three destinies.

Then. there are the allusions—references to the Grecian Gods. In this instance. it is Cupid. in Act 1Scene4. Line4. “ ‘We’ll have no Cupid hoodwinked with a scarf. bearing a Tarter’s painted bow of lath. ’ ” Cupid. as all people know. is the God with the power to hit pointers of love and hatred. at one another. In this quotation mark it is faulting Cupid for doing people fall in love. by the asshole of an pointer ; non in their ain free will. Love. is non a pick. or an action one makes ; Fate predestines it.

Now. for the more in-depth illustrations of Destinies existence—incidents—that occur specifically in the drama ; the first is found in Act5. Scene1. Line6. “ ‘If I may swear the flattering truth of sleep… I dreamt my lady came and found me dead and breathed such life with busss in my lips. ’ ” Romeo’s dreams he speak of are normally about the hereafter ; the hereafter in which his dreams go on. His first dream he spoke of. took topographic point at the dark of the Capulet’s party. which was about Juliet’s sudden entryway. He meets her. and so alterations his life improbably. For one. she got him out of his depression at losing the adult female he loved before her. Two. had each other agree on acquiring married. in the short clip they met. And three. their deathless love going stronger than any other love known earlier. How is it that all of Romeo’s dreams he speak of become existent?

Well. it’s non merely Romeo’s dreams that seem to change over to world. Balthasar. a retainer of Romeo’s. has a dream which he talks of in Act5. Scene3. Line141. “ ‘ As I did kip under this [ yew ] tree here. I dreamt my maestro and another fought. and that my maestro slew him. ’ ” And uneven plenty. this servingman’s simple words appear to be true. Why? It’s because of Fate. Shakespeare decides. Fate had given Romeo and his servingman a glance of the close. unfortunate hereafter. Fate had Romeo and Balthasar’s dreams to germinate and go world. This incident is unusual. but true.

Then there were all the other things that helped play into Romeo and Juliet’s decease ; such as the letter—of great importance— to non make Romeo. The account of this incident lies within Act5. Scene2. Line5. “ ‘Going to happen a barefoot brother out…It ere in this metropolis sing the sick and happening him. the seekers of the town. surmising that we both were in the house where the infective plague did reign. sealed up the doors and would non allow us forth. so that my velocity to Mantua was stayed. ’ ” And yet. even at a clip every bit of import as this. such a happenstance that the one givenb the missive to direct to Romeo—about the ‘rumor’ of Juliet’s death—is non able to because of accusal of being infected of a illness. These incidents do non surly start up out of the ordinary. Destiny had it all set up. Fate had the letter—written to Romeo—not be send. And Fate besides had Romeo imbibe the toxicant from a random show of an apothecary. who merely happens to be transporting toxicant with him.

Of class. Romeo dies. and Juliet. wakes up due to the terminal of the effects of the potion drunken a twenty-four hours before—a potion to do her appear dead—finds him lying following to her. in her family’s grave. dead. She. in her unhappiness pang herself and dies alongside with Romeo. Fate besides had Juliet get engaged—and purportedly married—to another adult male ; a unmarried man of whom her male parent. Old adult male Capulet. had taken to a liking. And to writhe her manner out of this state of affairs. she drinks the charming potion. And Romeo? Fate had it that he should be exiled. due to an incident where he kills a kinsman of the Capulet household. in retaliation of a good friend. So he. Romeo. did non catch on to the fast one Juliet had installed for her household and others to be with him. Fate had Romeo and Juliet’s love cursed—marked—ever since the beginning. as said here in the Prologue transition in line 8. “The fearful transition of their death-marked love. ”

All in all. Shakespeare’s effort at turn outing the being of Fate is shown in the smallest. littlest inside informations of all time imagined possible. in the tragic ply. Romeo and Juliet. Figurative linguistic communication and incidents both play as the technique Shakespeare chose to utilize in the novel. And the subject Fate merely stands as an account of why things turned out the manner it did in Romeo and Juliet. The subject of which Shakespeare writes of is of import to readers because it might non merely be a subject. It might alternatively be a message. Like for case ; even the wildest dreams can come true. So keep believing in them.


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