Romeo and Juliet Rap Essay

Romeo and Juliet Rap Never have you heard a story with so much woe Than the one of Juliet and her Romeo. They fell in love at first sight On a magical night. The Capulet ball is what started it all. The lovers found out their families hated each other Which was bad for them because they loved one another. Their love was budding so they married in secret But stuff started to happen, you better believe it. On the day of their wedding, Romeo killed her cousin

But she still loved him, she wasn’t budging. The prince banished him, made him leave Verona But when it comes to leaving Juliet, he didn’t wanna. She was crying her eyes out cause she couldn’t see him. She goes to the Friar to find a solution He says make haste we better get movin’ She agrees to marry Paris and drinks the potion Then their plan is set into motion But it goes wrong cause Romeo don’t get the letter

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So he thinks she’s actually dead cause he don’t know no better On his way to her tomb he runs into Paris. He’s sad cause she died, but Romeo’s not gone. Near it he kills Paris and don’t think twice about it. He goes in and drinks the potion and dies Juliet awakes to find him dead and cries. She takes his dagger and takes her life. Their families come to see the damage They all start screaming because they can’t handle it. In the end they all learn a lesson Hatred is a curse, not a blessin.


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