Romeo and Juliet: Tragic Hero Sample Essay

2 December 2011
Heroism to Tragedy
Heros come in every manner. form. and signifier but that does non intend they are perfect people. Romeo is the ideal illustration of a tragic hero. him being handsome. smart. and rich that it becomes easy to overlook his shallow mind. In William Shakespeare’s tragic drama Romeo and Juliet. Romeo’s flawlessnesss and ruins make him a tragic hero. Romeo’s portraiture of subject shows the first quality of tragic hero. About Romeo. Lord Capulet says. “He bears him like a portly gentleman. / And. to state truth. Verona crow of him/ To be a virtuous and well-governed young person. ” ( Shakespeare 1. 5. 75-77 ) . This quotation mark shows that Romeo can be a truly good individual. Lord Capulet proved this. being his greatest enemy. by talking of Romeo in footings of aristocracy and credibleness. Romeo first becomes cognizant of the Capulet’s feelings when traveling. uninvited. to their party by stating. “What. shall this address be spoke for our alibi? / Or shall we on without apology. ” ( Shakespeare 1. 4. 1-2 ) . He does non desire to irrupt and do problem for him and his friends. That conveys his uncomfortableness in the face of struggle. He ne’er fails to transport himself in a dignified mode.

Throughout the drama. he tries his hardest to maintain the peace. After his matrimony to Juliet. Tybalt tries to contend him and Romeo merely says. “I do protest I ne’er injured thee/But love thee better than 1000 canst devise/Till thou shalt know the ground of my love. /And so. good Capulet. which name I tender/As in a heartfelt way as mine ain. be satisfied. ” ( Shakespeare 3. 1. 70-74 ) . Romeo was seeking to suggest to Tybalt about his matrimony to Juliet. This shows that non even a menace of decease could sadden Romeo on his twenty-four hours of felicity because of his matrimony to his true love. Second. Romeo may hold good qualities but has many defects. His biggest job pertains to the manner he looks at adult females. looking at their outer beauty and non interior worth. “O. she doth teach the torches to fire bright! /It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night/ As a rich gem in an Ethiop’s ear- . “ ( Shakespeare 1. 5. 51-53 ) . Said Romeo talking approximately Juliet he besides remarks. “Did my bosom love boulder clay now? Forswear it sight. / For I ne’er saw true beauty boulder clay this dark. ” ( Shakespeare 1. 5. 59-60 ) .

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He falls in and out of love really fast. This quotation mark shows his disparity and deficiency of deepness. Romeo’s ideas of adult females merely go skin deep. which is why he has a “player” position. His evildoings are widely known in the metropolis of Verona. Romeo’s ain Friar Lawrence says. “Is Rosaline. that thou didst love so beloved. / So shortly abandon? Young men’s love so lies/ Not genuinely in their Black Marias. but in their eyes. ” ( Shakespeare 2. 3. 70-72 ) . The Friar is naming out Romeo as to the fact that he changes his love involvement like the changing of the seasons. His falling in and out of love shows us his infantile and irresponsible mentality on life. Romeo besides portrays himself as a whiner and as being egoistic. In a despairing effort for his friend. Benvolio. to experience regretful for him he says. “Tut. I have lost myself. I am non here. / This is non Romeo. He is some other where. ” ( Shakespeare 1. 1. 205-206 ) .

Therefore. Romeo’s flawlessnesss. ruins. and his unfortunate decease make him a mirror illustration of a tragic hero. William Shakespeare accurately illustrates the rushed and unadvised ways of love. This immature adult male went on a campaign to be with his one true love defines a immature artlessness and a unsighted courage.


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