Romulus My Father Belonging Essay

Movie name “District 9” Director :Niell bromkamp 2009 Named of paintings “Maria” or “Joe” Artist :Drysdale Both Made: 1950 Name of song : “Mad world” Artist : Tears for Fears Belonging is a fundamental element of which must be fulfilled in order to keep a person happy. This fulfilment can come from a wide variety of subjects, it can be those groups which we are automatically subjugated to such as family; and those in which acceptance comes from filling unspoken criteria, such as social groups, attained through the judgement of mediums, such as; (but not limited to) personality, appearance, age, background and morals.

The book “Romulus my Father” and the movie “District 9” both explore the values of appearance in helping us associate with our peer groups. While the song Mad World by Tears for Fears questions and explores under what circumstances people feel they belong and how people may deal with events that may cause them to feel alienated from these social groups, whether it be family or public. Topic sentace: (A connection to the landscape and society that a person grows up in is a natural emotion in order to help people feel as if they belong. So when the Gaita family moves to Australia, Romulus attempts to make himself feel comfortable, “He went in search of others like him” in his new surroundings and assumed the friendship of two other Yugoslavian immigrants. It is not only people he seeks to help assert himself, but also the flora This was the approach of many immigrants from European countries “The Europeans did not see beauty in the Eucolyptus trees, they only saw oil. This is also the case in the movie “District 9” with the main character Wika; who throughout the film attempts to attain his human conscience, feelings and appearance, he does this by hiding his deformation with rags which shows he feels and resists his newly found impulses as he changes from a human to a “Prawn”. This hiding with rags symbolises his disgust for the “Prawn”s and his attempts to hide the changes from others and himselves. He attempts to hide these in order to continue to be a part of human society as it is where he grew up and feels he belongs, this is also an example of belonging been partialy dependant on appearance. nd also by planting flora that has the soft characteristics of his homeland Yugoslavia Topic Sentence: (Mental illness can effect the relationships we hold with our friends and family, and therefore our sense of belonging). A family is an automatic association of which we have thrust upon us with no choice of our own, we are from our parents and this blood tie is a strong bond. However this bond appears to have gone a miss between the mother Christina and her son Raimond, “After she gave birth to me, she showed signs of an illness… She seemed incapable of taking care of me, ignoring my elementary needs of feeding and bathing”.

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She did not demonstrate the ability to care for her child. This illness which was unknown at the time could of been post mortem depression, losing a sense of belonging to the family as she felt unworthy and depressed. This illness accompanied by her naturally promiscuous nature, eventually lead to her assuming a different intimate relationship with Hora as to escape the family to which she felt she no longer belonged . This affliction of insanity is also prominent in the song “Mad world” by Gary Jules. not only does it have links to the name of the song “Mad World” but it also is repeated throughout the song.

The singer does not believe it is himself that is insane, but that the rest of the world is insane shown through repetition of the lyrics “Mad world” throughout the song, and as he almost humorously notes that we are “bright and early for the daily races / going nowhere, going nowhere” thus giving the feeling he does not belong as he mocks our attempts at ambition. Topic Sentence: (Migrants were under appreciated for their skills). Romulus along with many other Topic Sentence: (The epitome alienation or self pity is the act suicide. When humans feel a strong sense of alienation, it is not unusual for them to contemplate suicide as they feel it is their only means of escape, for “Belief in the afterlife is the only hope we have” 94). In RMF, Christina brings pain to all those around her, after the knowledge that she caused the death of her lover Mitru, she feels the only way that she could not burden the rest of the world is through suicide. s she and also because of the death of Mitru, been a direct result of her incompetence that pushed him to kill himself, He killed himself before he killed Christina because of lack of self control “Rather than have the death of her and the death of the child she was carrying on his conscience, he killed himself”. This concept of suicide is also relevant in MW, as the singer contemplates suicide in his dreams after he loses all faith in the world and feels he would be more comfortable in death than in life “The dreams in which im dieing are the best i’ve ever had”. This song was written in the 80’s when Gothic depression and trauma was prevalent in youth. The eerieness of this song comes from the contrast of deep and meaningful lyrics to an upbeat tempo and synth.


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