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room essay BY zomar2052 My Bedchamber There are many rooms in a house. The bedroom is the most important room in a house. There are several reasons for why I consider the bedroom the most important one, among which relaxing, good memory and privacy are the most obvious ones. Although many places provide us with mental stability and a sense of comfort, we all have a favorite place. I will explain them below in detail. My room is my one and only domain where I can study, watch films and television, listen to music, talk on the hone, etc.

My room is painted dark green and light green; also, most of the furniture in my room is white. As someone enters my room, the first thing you can notice is that I have another room inside my room, well when you enter you can see another door on the other side of the room. Opposite of that, you can see my full size bed which has naw blue covers. Then in the other side of the other room, a black LCD television resided on a little desk which I enjoy watching my movies and playing in the computer.

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Right next to it I have a beanbag chair with pillow around it, and that’s where I usually I relax, read, and study. Then I have a huge closet where I have all my clothes well organize and in the down drawers my personal belongings. My room is my absolute favorite room in the house. My bedroom can provide me a place to relax. Every Moment I fell tired, I will go to my bedroom and lie on my bed, relaxing for a while. Without hesitation I lay on my bed, the stress of me will disappear and the feeling is so marvelous.

What is more, sleeping is also good for you. As it is known to everybody sleeping is very important to people. Good sleep. So you can see the bedroom can supply me without a place to relax. How important the bedroom is to me. The first reason I mentioned this above is probably the most important one, but good memory can also explain why I consider the bedroom is the most important room in a house. My bedroom is full of good memories during my growing process. In other words, it is a place filled with happiness.

I used to play by myself with my toys and sometimes with my brother. We made a great deal of pleasure when playing games especially board games. You can see the bedroom is very important to me, so as to everybody. In conclusion, the bedroom can provide me privacy and a place to relax. What is more, the bedroom is a place full of good memories you have live. In addition, my bedroom is a place where you can escape from reality. So, the bedroom is more important to you than any other room.


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