Rosewood Hotel Case Essay

Consumer Behaviour Course Description The course deals with the study of behavioural processes and strategic implications of this understanding for practicing marketing managers. Concepts from Social Sciences, Psychology, Economic and Cultural Anthropology are integrated to create an understanding of consumer behaviour in market exchanges. It also provides insights into consumer’s decision making process which is key in strategic effective decisions. Marketing applications of consumer behaviour concepts are illustrated using cases, examples, websites and exercises.

Course Objectives: * To acquaint students with Consumer Behaviour concepts and applications * To enable students to demonstrate the ability to analyze the complexities of buying behaviour and use the same to formulate successful strategies. * To create an understanding of the group influences and consumer behaviour in cultural and contextual environment * To create an understanding on how consumers are selective in their information processing and decision making Course Structure:

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Session| Topic| Reading Material| 1| Introduction to Consumer Behaviour, Overview of STP| Schiffman and Kanuk – Chap 1| 2| | Case on Kingfisher| 3| Lifestyle and Psychographics segmentation| Schiffman and Kanuk – Chap 3| 4| Reading on Lifestyle segmentation – psychographics glitter and gold| Reading Material on VALS – Discussion on lifestyle and psychographics segmentationExercise – visit the website of SRI VALS and students check their VALS position (http://www. sric-bi. com/VALS/presurvey. html)| 5| Case study on segmentation and positioning| Horlicks| 6| Consumer Perception – Dynamics of Perception, JND and Price Quality relationship| Schiffman and Kanuk – Chap 6| 7| Perception – perceived riskGroup activity – exercise| Exercise and Case study on ALL Out Mosquito repellant| 8| Attitude Formation| Schiffman and Kanuk – Chap 8| 9| Attitude change strategies – case| Case – Fair and Handsome| 10| Consumer Motivation and Involvement, need and goals| Blackwell, Miniard and

Engel chapter 8| 11| Personality – trait and other theories, consumer self concept| Schiffman and Kanuk – Chap 5| 12| Caselet on personality| Mentos personality| 13| Process of communication, structure and types of communication + Quiz| Schiffman and Kanuk – Chap 9| 14| Case Study on communication| Coke, Pepsi and Cadbury| 15| Consumer Learning memory and product positioning| Hawkins Best and Coney Ch 9| 16| Case – learning and motivation| TITAN| 7| Reference groups and family influence on consumer behaviour| Schiffman and Kanuk – Chap 10| 18| Cross Cultural Influences| Schiffman and Kanuk – Chap 14| 19| Article| Inside the Minds of Chinese Consumers| 20| Consumer Decision Making| Schiffman and Kanuk – Chap 19| 21| Case on Decision Making| Parfum Nenaveh| 22| Personality influence and opinion leaders| Loudon and Bitta| 23| Group Project| | 24| Group Project| | Text Book – Leon G Schiffman and Leslie lazar Kanuk Journals – Journal of consumer behaviour

Course Assessment and Weightage Class participation including attendance – 10% Quiz – 10% Mid Term – 20% Group Project – 20% End Term Examination – 40% End Term Project – Students in a group of 5 will conduct research in consumer behaviour on a given topic which has to be given in advance by the groups in session 6. The groups can choose any topic from the topics of the session plan. The groups have to prepare a proper research report based on the format provided for summer training.

The report must include literature survey from magazines and journals on the topic chosen. All reports must be on primary data collected by the groups and the sample size must be greater than 50. The groups are advised to be in constant touch with me for the report preparation or any guidance regarding the same. The first draft should be submitted by 20th session and the final report with all changes should be submitted by 26th session. The presentations for the reports will be in the final session.


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