Rosie the Riveter Movement Case Study Report Sample Essay

Mary the “Riveter” is the individual chosen for this motion instance survey undertaking. She is called Mary the “Riveter” because of her former profession as one of the original Rosie the Riveter shipyard welders [ for the Richmond California shipyards ] . She welded portholes in to the conflict ships during the World War II. Mary is 87 old ages old and a participant of the Eden Medical Center aquatic exercising pool plan. She was referred to Eden Medical Center [ Outpatient Rehab Facility ] two old ages ago because of a lumbar spine hurt. Mary came to the installation unable to stand erect in the frontal-plane postural place. She stated that her hurt occurred after picking up and traveling a fifty-pound bag of cement.

The paper will discourse Mary’s inability to stand-up heterosexual due to a neurological sciatic nervus root back hurt. The paper will briefly convey the mechanism of the hurt and how the motion caused the hurt. The paper will so speak about ; how through an aquatic exercising plan. Mary was able to recover her normal vertical organic structure alignment [ exposing her normal lumbar-curve postural place ] . In decision. Mary’s instance survey will convey the result of her lumbar spine hurt and follow up with recommendation to ease improved stableness in the injured country.

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Rosie the Riveter Movement Case Study Report Sample Essay
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Mary came to the aquatic exercising plan after her prescribed six land physical therapy intervention Sessionss. She had a noticeable 35 grade flexed crook at the hip. when she came to ask about the aquatic exercising pool plan. Now after inquiring about her noticeable postural place. Mary explained that the hurt happen when she bent down to pick-up the bag of cement and moved it. The mechanics of the motion was: narrow base of support. hip flexed [ passed 90 grades ] . articulatio genuss to the full extended. shoulders making downward. cubitus extended. and hands hold oning the front terminal of the bag. Mary stated she picked up the bag ; in which. she lifted her trunk utilizing her lumbar extensor musculuss. Mary extended her hips and rotated somewhat toward the left ; thereby. doing her to draw and strive the muscular structure tissue environing the lumbar vertebra [ L4-L5 ] . Mary instantly felt the cramp of the lumbar muscular structure Begin. The following twenty-four hours ; Mary could non to the full widen her hips to normalise her lumbar postural curve. Her pelvic girdle was posteriorally tilted and she was visibly flexed at the hips. She besides explained the neurological combustion hurting esthesis. which was happening in her left hamstring muscular structure.

Mary began take parting in the aquatic exercising pool plan. She joined the P. A. C. E pool category that was offered at the installation. The acronym letters for P. A. C. E represent-people with arthritis can exert. A low-level exercising pool plan that is designed to better: balance. stableness. flexibleness and nucleus strength. After a solid two months in this peculiar aquatic plan category. she displayed enormous betterment in her lumbar position. Aquatic therapy is proven to be an first-class low impact activity for persons of all abilities. The perkiness of the H2O acts as support for the spinal column that may be weakened due to injury or immobilisation. The perkiness of H2O can besides do it possible for people to accomplish a place of comfort for exercising non tolerable on land. In Mary’s instance. the H2O reduced the gravitative force to her lumbar spinal column. The decrease in that force helped Mary execute the exercising activities pain free.

After eight months of take parting in the aquatic plan. Mary’s lumbar spasticity was eliminated and she no longer expose any neurological systems that occurred after the hurt. Mary was able to recover her flexibleness in her hip flexors and lumbar extensor musculuss. Last hebdomad. Mary was asked to show a 40 five-degree hip flexure motion [ get downing from a vertical standing place ] . The motion was performed with: Mary standing with a shoulder width base of support. her weaponries extended along the side of her organic structure [ thenar of her custodies on her thighs in a impersonal place ] . her caput confronting frontward. her shoulder relaxed in a downward place. her articulatio genuss were to the full extended. and her pess was somewhat externally rotated. Mary so performed the motion. in which she: flexed at the hip. her trunk interrupting the anterior frontal plane. her articulatio genus somewhat hyper-extending. her caput remain in impersonal place [ looking in the way of the motion ] . and with the activation of her lumbar extensor musculuss [ including her gluteal muscle ] . Mary was able to flex frontward and to the full raise her ego with minimum interruptions in her signifier. She besides displayed no marks of hurting or instability in executing the motion.

In decision. Mary came to Eden Medical Center [ Outpatient Rehab Facility ] with a seeable lumbar spine hurt. The mechanism of hurt proved to hold affectional her ability to stand in a normal up-right postural place. After fall ining the aquatic pool plan. Mary regained her capableness to to the full stand erect with her normal lumbar spinal column in its right postural place. Now through research and personal experience in the field of rehabilitation for over 15 old ages. It is known that. aquatic therapy will: better musculus tone. strength. balance. endurance. and overall a individual choice life. Mary can keep and increase her opportunity of populating her life actively and independently for the old ages to come.


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