Rubin Hurricane Carter Essay

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter Case Initial Description: On June 17 1966 two men walked into the Lafayette bar and grill in New Jersey and shot a total of 4 people. Two of those men were killed instantly, one died a month after from all the bullet wounds and the last man survived but is blinded in one of his eyes. 2 out of the four people shot were alive when the police came Multiple shots fired at the victims Police Investigation: After hearing from the witnesses that were currently at the crime scene the police earned that the victims were too black males and were seen leaving the area in a white car.

After they got the description the police set out to find the individuals who committed the crime. The police came across a white after searching and saw that there were two black males in the car. The two men that were found were Rubin Carter and a friend of his John Art’s. Since the description that the witnesses gave is identical to the situation the police were in both Rubin and John were under arrest. After being questioned by the police both Carter and Artis were released after the uestioning.

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Alfred Bello was one of the witnesses to the crime and after a couple of months he stated that he saw both Rubin Carter and John Artis carrying guns, which led to Rubin and John getting arrested again only this time they were not released immediately after questioning. Identification: Rubin Carter – He is key member to the case because he is one of the two members being convicted of the murder and is known best for being a boxer John Artis – He is a key member to this case because he one of two members being convicted of the urder Alfred Bello – one of the witnesses at the crime scene.

Willie Marins – one of the eye witnesses at the crime scene. Survived the shooting and knew that Rubin and John were not the criminals Vincent DeSimone- Lead detective in the case James Oliver – Victim that died in the shooting Fred Nauyoks – Victim that died in the shooting Trial Process/Outcome: The first trial in 1967 Rubin Carter was being represented by Raymond A. Brown. They lost there case do to the fact that Rubin and Carter were in a nearby bar, had a

Rubin and John were sentenced to three life sentences in prison. In 1974 another trial was held for Rubin Carter and John Artis innocence. Still not able to convince the Judge that they were innocent Rubin lost the case. The opposing sides brought up points that were mentioned in the first trial. Rubin was sentenced to a double life sentencing and John was sentenced to a single life sentence. A federal court action took place allowing Rubin Carter and John Artis to finally be seen as innocent men as the wrongly convicted.

Both men were dismissed and were ound not guilty anymore Miscarriages of Justice: I believe there was a miscarriage of Justice for Rubin Carters case. Firstly when he was first found arrested he had no weapons on him so he couldn’t have been the killer which the police did not look over. Another reason that there was a miscarriage of Justice is that in both trials there was never any real evidence that could prove that Rubin and John committed the crimes. All the “evidence” is strictly based upon the color of men’s skin and car which fit the description that the witnesses gave.

That lone is not enough to prove that they committed the crime and the Jury happened to be all white which made an unfair trial. Violations in the charter of rights and freedoms is that these two men have been suspected with murder strictly because of there race and the color of their skin. A biased Jury of only having white people in it is also another racist violation. Personal Reaction: I feel that our society needs to look past stereotypes and racism and give every human being a completely fair trail by not Judging on how someone may look or act.

In this case the police Jumped to conclusions because they found two black males in a white car which was what the witnesses were describing. It’s good that they stopped them but they have no evidence besides that point. There were no weapons found or anything else that could fully prove that Rubin and John were even in the caf?©. The witness even said that Rubin and John were not the people who looked like the other men who committed the crime. I believe if the police had stopped going after Rubin and John right there they could have possibly found the real murderers.

This case has taught us that anyone could be accused of something they didn’t do simply because of the way they look. Rubin Carter had unfair trials that provided no real evidence linking him to the murder but he was still sentenced to life in prison. There is no way to repay anyone who was wrongly convicted of a crime and has spent half of there lives in bars. There needs to be some common ground the government needs to make so that they can ensure that accidents like this don’t happen again or if it does happen being able to somehow repay a man for the false accusations.


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