Ruggiero Chapter 2 vocab - plants

Term Definition
spore a single cell that can develop into a plant exactly like the one that produced it
seed an undeveloped plant with stored in a protective covering
angiosperm a seed plant that produces flowers
gymnosperm a seed plant that does not produce a flower- pine trees (evergreens)
xylem plant tissue that moves WATER and minerals up from the roots
phloem The tissue in a plant that moves FOOD down from the leaves to other parts of the plant
pollination The process in which the male and female cells of plants come together.
cambium a layer of cells in plants that separates the xylem and phloem
photosynthesis the process by which plants turn sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, and other nutrients from the soil into food
stomata small pores (opening) on plants, usually the bottom, that allow the movement of air (gases) and water.
carbohydrate a group of chemical compounds made from carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.
cell respiration the process in which energy is released from food (sugar) inside a cell – happens in mitochondria

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