Run Lola Run Essay

Run Lola Run Module A Visual features of texts can give us a positive or negative effect on our appreciation of them. ‘Run Lola Run’ by tom Tykwer and ‘The daylight savings time warp’ by fast Eddie, help give us positive effects on our appreciation due to their visual techniques. Time can be an obstacle to be overcome ‘Run Lola Run’ in the opening scenes uses cartoon to show that time is a long road and that only with a lot of will can it be beaten.

The visual techniques of this are that as Lola is running time is still ticking but as she comes close to a clock she is able to break through it, to overcome the obstacles in her path. In ‘The daylight savings time warp’ time is shown to be endless that through the image of time as a spiral that time is continuous and even if we were to try and beat it, to run down to the end of time it would still be I front of us it shows that time is an unbeatable force and that it will always be one step ahead of us. Time also has an influence on our lives.

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In ‘Run Lola Run’ even a few seconds can make a different to people’s lives. Throughout the film the people Lola runs into, their lives are changed due to the mere seconds that are differing from the last reload, as shown by the snapshots that are displayed during these interactions. Including with the woman pushing the pram here life is changed dramatically with her ending up dying of a drug overdose to turning into a nun. These changes are displayed even though there is initially a second differing in the timeline.

In ‘The daylight savings time warp’ time is also differing from day to day this is shown in that in the spiral the numbers do not line up exactly that from day to day everything is deferent and that with every passing moment everything is different. Life is a game. In ‘Run Lola Run’ the three scenarios are representing the ability of life to be repeated that life can be undone and retried if the required outcome is not met. This is showing that time and life are games that at will they can be stopped and restarted in order to learn from our mistakes to be used in future events as shown by Lola as she learns how to urn the safety off on a gun and than in another scenario she is able to do it herself without being told or reminded, this is showing that to her in this film that life is a game and that with each restart that the knowledge previously gained can be reused for later on. In ‘The daylight savings time warp’ as the image is a spiral it is non repetitive and so it is saying that time in not a game that there is no repetition that at no point can life be restarted and so whatever happens it stuck and cannot be changed and that there is no reset button.

Not only is it time that affects life but human actions as well. Lola has her ability to help Manni altered by the dog on the stair well. It is this one import and moment that affects the rest of the scenario, it is from this point that each scenario is changed this is showing that if the obstacles in our path change slightly due to their free will that the future events can change and so is also saying that time cannot be planed and that it is totally random. The daylight savings time warp’ on the other hand has the opposite meaning in that it has a set path and that there is no variation to it there are no branches and so it is showing that life is determined and that there as a path that we will follow and that it has already been laid out for us. Both of these texts are showing time as life but in differing ways and with techniques in both of them helping to give us a positive appreciation of them.


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