Running a fashion shop Essay


I worked for five hebdomads at Deploy demi-couture, a women’s apparels store and company in London, for my industry arrangement. For the first three hebdomads I worked in the company’s store larning accomplishments required for running a successful manner store. This included smaller inside informations like good client service, organizing shows and societal media direction, and larger facets like how the store and company is run. The concluding two hebdomads were exhausted working more in the studio assisting a interior decorator to cut forms and fix damaged apparels, which gave me an penetration into the design and production procedures. The study will analyze my larning experience on personal and professional degrees, demoing it can be used in the hereafter and how I can better, every bit good as the company, its construction and operating procedures.

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Running a fashion shop Essay
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The company and its trade name doctrine

Deploy is a little London based company with a individual full operation store in London that besides sells on-line internationally to states including the United States and Taiwan. The company Seamsystemic Ltd. , trading as Deploy, was founded in 2005 by Bernice Pan and Eleanor Yeh. Bernice has experience in instruction and manner and Eleanor has background in finance and international markets. There are two stores, one is Deploy Boutique in Marleybone where I worked and Deploy Atelier in the City of London, which merely can be used by assignment. Tosin Trim a member of the direction squad is a specializer of espousal and accoutrements and created Hennumi, a line of espousal accoutrements under Deploy, with Bernice, and Deploy Choreograph Bridal and Bespoke service ( Deploy, 2014 ) .

Deploy makes apparels that are haute couture and extremely sustainable. They are all right tailored and aimed at modern feminine adult females. Haute couture is a manner from France and was popular in the interwar old ages in Belgium and France. Gallic couture closely guarded its designs, theoretical accounts and paradigms. Belgian middle class thought it showed good gustatory sensation, prestigiousness and luxury ( Blaszczyk, 2008, p. 63 ) . This quality can be seen in Deploy’s design processes, merchandises and monetary values. Apparels are produced by skilled staff, designed in-house and are sold at premium monetary values. At the same clip it is better for the environment and more sustainable by being less uneconomical ( Deploy, 2014 ) . This sort of manner and doctrine agencies merchandises are more extremely priced because they are high quality, specifically designed and ethical which some clients are happy to pay more money for. Environmental consciousness has increased in recent old ages and will maintain growth, and it is impacting people ‘s shopping wonts. The shop’s competition will be other little independent high quality apparels shops every bit good as high priced concatenation trade names, and non truly high street stores. Their clients will be immature grownup to middle elderly adult females who have high wage and care a batch about their manner. They will experience the quality of their apparels shows something of their personality and success in work and life. They will besides wish that Deploy is a alone trade name apparels store and non a concatenation, so they will stand out from others.

Deploy has a direction squad ran by Bernice Pan and Eleanor Yeh mentioned. In add-on there is Tosin Trim who specialises in espousal accoutrements and is in charge of Hennumi and Deploy Choreograph Bridal and Bespoke Service. There is besides Claudia Simms who has tonss of experience in selling and gross revenues for large companies and will assist spread out Deploy with this. Besides Ermelinda Shuka is in charge of concern admin ( Deploy, 2014 ) . The director squad is non really large but because it is a little company, the ration of director to staff is bigger. Most directors have tonss of old experience which should assist the company grow faster than if they merely learned when working at that place. I found that staff at Deploy have their ain duties which is good because they can concentrate on certain facets they know most about. Besides, many of the staff are portion clip workers. This is utile because they are more flexible.

Supply concatenation

The company is little so they don’t have a big graduated table supply concatenation. However, production and gross revenues take topographic point across the universe. From the beginning, samples and forms are made in-house. This adds to the shop’s place as one for alone vesture. It besides helps protect the designs from being copied before they are sold which shows its haute couture heritage. After this, most production of apparels happens in London and Poland, and some formalwear is made by a little interior decorator run uping unit in Taiwan. Production in London and Poland will assist do certain quality is kept high and besides the method is more environmentally friendly because of less transport distance as the trade name doctrine requires. Production in Taiwan is specialist because of the interior decorator run uping unit and merely some of the apparels are made at that place, maintaining down environmental impact. Many cloths used in the production procedure are supplied from the UK, for illustration Harris Tweed. This once more reduces environmental impact. Some cloths although are sourced from Europe and some silks from Taiwan. Links between the proprietors and Taiwan are clear from production, cloths sourcing and selling. The personal contacts may assist cut down costs and assist in competition as other stores will non hold them for their quality and costs. The high quality and high monetary value stuffs used are common in haute couture apparels and associate with wealth and high criterions which suits the manner of the company.

For gross revenues, Deploy is supported by UK Trade & A ; Investment ( UKTI ) , a authorities administration assisting concerns export to foreign states. Through this Deploy has been helped to sell to states including Japan. Deploy besides attends trade shows and uses agents to acquire international purchasers in states such as Japan and United States. It can be seen that Deploy, although merely a little store, does non merely look at selling in its store in London. It besides wants to increase international gross revenues. This is good for concern because it increases gross revenues without increasing many costs such as more shop rent and hive awaying stock. As international merchandising is more common these yearss, the costs of directing merchandises abroad is lower. It besides means rival stores and companies will besides be making the same and so is indispensable to vie with them. For the hereafter, it helps back up growing of the company because the apparels and trade name image spread around the universe, assisting discoveries and prepare markets in other states than can be targeted more specifically. If I own my ain jewelry store in the hereafter I will do on-line shopping at least every bit large as in the store. Costss are lower and the possible clients more. The net incomes would assist run my store. Besides, I would utilize services as UKTI and agents to assist happen clients abroad and assist export merchandises in large sums.

I learned from how even the one store gets orders from other countries like Taiwan and America. I got some thoughts about this that I can utilize in my ain concern in the hereafter. It taught me how to detect clients tendencies, take what sorts of clients and how to fulfill customers’ demands. I learned how to make research and usage Photoshop to do images nicer to pull more people. I can utilize these accomplishments in my ain concern to do a good web site to sell and aim audiences to happen who would wish to purchase my merchandises.

Because designs and samples are made in-house, it is good for the company’s singularity. They can command their ain subjects and manners without looking like others or being copied easy by others, at least until after production. It besides adds to the singularity of the apparels which clients will wish. Besides, staff are skilled in design so cognize how to do and alter the apparels unlike in most high street stores. This means a higher criterion of service and cognition. Customers will experience they are purchasing the service every bit good as the apparels, which justifies the premium monetary value more.

Personal duty and acquisition

While working in the store I took on the duties for helping clients, pull offing the store layout and shows, and assisting advance the store and its merchandises online through societal media. I would hold to open the store and organize the vesture shows harmonizing to coloring material and manner. Although the undertaking appears simple, the importance is in organizing the apparels in a manner that shows them in their best manner and makes them appealing to the client. Therefore, I arranged them into coloring material groups and manners that were complementary. Although this does non change the expression of the single points, the show as a whole is better looking and more likely to pull clients. The manner of the show besides affects the trade name image of the apparels and the store as a whole. A tidier show that appears to itself have been designed and is non littered gives the feeling of a trade name and merchandises that are displayed this manner because they are besides designed with attention and non mass produced, but more selective and alone. Shops with high value apparels about ever pay close attending to the manner their merchandises are displayed, with some stores holding their ain well-known show manners. An analysis of Hollister stores can be applied to the pattern, as it aims at ‘transporting consumers… to somewhere else wholly ‘ ( Murrell, 2012 ) . This boosts the trade name image of the apparels and supports the customers’ belief they are purchasing a high quality merchandise.

This accomplishment was further used when I had to help in altering the shop’s full window show. Once once more the choice of apparels and how they appeared to clients had to convey an image to people walking past that would fit the trade name doctrine and promote them to come into the store. I think I worked good at organizing shows, maintaining them looking appealing. However, I could larn more about ways certain types of apparels can be arranged and even further larning about illuming and client psychological science related to the visual aspect of vesture shows. On my last twenty-four hours I put accomplishments I learned into pattern. Deploy had a stall at a market which I set up exposing frocks and chapeaus in a manner to demo they positively and attract clients. The show was good made and attracted attending from people walking yesteryear.

When clients bought apparels online I would hold to pack them and direct them to be posted. Despite holding clients around the universe, clearly the company is still little plenty to non necessitate a larger wadding and bringing subdivision of its supply concatenation. This gave me an penetration into the simpleness of international shopping. Besides, in support of this on-line merchandising I worked on the shop’s societal media direction. This involved reaching other companies to inform them of new merchandises and aggregations. Most significantly I created an Instagram history for the store, took exposures of merchandises and posted them on the web site. This was of import for a figure of grounds. Potential clients are likely to be regular users of societal media, smart phones and tablets. The usage of Instagram would hence let the company advance its merchandises straight to clients and promote them towards the web site or even the store. Second, the visual aspect of merchandises is one of the strongest influences on a possible client and so an image focused societal media web can let the company to distribute images of its merchandises easy, leting possible clients to see the merchandises before they even visit the web site or the store, promoting them to make so. Finally, utilizing Instagram is basically free but has the possible to distribute images widely and, when right tagged, to a specific audience of adult females interested in manner who are most likely to purchase from the store. The possible so for an addition in gross revenues for no costs is important, peculiarly when compared to traditional selling and advertisement runs.

I was surprised so at the shop’s deficiency of an Instagram history. Possibly if they continue to use such free societal media tools they can hike on-line gross revenues which in bend would take to the demand for a more efficient procedure of despatching merchandises. For illustration, their Facebook page on has over 200 fans, it is non a batch. Geting fans on societal media will assist maintain clients interested in merchandises by maintaining them aware of the store. This will intend there are more repetition purchases which companies depend on ( Easey, 2008, p. 5 ) .

For experience in apparels production I help cutting designs and learned about doing chapeaus. This was utile to cognize more about the production portion of the supply concatenation. Bing a little store with apparels of its ain design, the design studio facet is still really of import instead than being largely mass produced machine made merchandises. Because of this, the company requires skilled interior decorators and apparels shapers who may hold a batch of experience and accomplishment. Although this may non be the most efficient method of production, it allows for high quality and well-designed merchandises. This besides contributes to the trade name image as clients know they are purchasing alone apparels created with a deep degree of idea and attending to detail by people will a great cognition of manner, which helps warrant a higher monetary value. I could use such a theoretical account to a jewelry concern in the hereafter, concentrating on high quality manus produced and unambiguously designed merchandises that be sold at a higher monetary value. Customers will non merely be purchasing the physical merchandise but besides the attempt put into the design and singularity. However, with jewelry it may be easier to make a more efficient production procedure, through the usage of machinery, compared to Deploy Workshop. But on the other manus, many clients may prefer the ‘hand-made’ facet of jewelry so there are pros and cons to both options.

I excessively worked on the logistics of the store. I recorded new merchandises information like size, coloring material and stuff. I made these into a spreadsheet. For bigger stores this is likely to be done automatically with scanners. Because the store is smaller, it is done by individual which takes more clip but is cheaper. This portion of the work is still of import to larn. Even though I am interested in jewelry and manner, a store would non work good without these things being done decently.


My clip at Deploy demi-couture was really utile larning experience and will assist me in my concern in the hereafter. I learned the of import parts of running a store, organizing a concern and advancing it on-line. The utile parts of running a store are doing high quality unique merchandises which are more competitory because there are few like it. Besides if they are high quality they can be sold at higher monetary value which can intend more net income. Aiming these alone merchandises at a specific audience will assist increase gross revenues instead than doing a general merchandise for a general audience. High accomplishment is needed to do this sort of merchandise so I would necessitate to be skilled myself and engage people who are besides skilled. Deploy examples this by engaging skilled interior decorators to work in their company, skilled frock shapers in Taiwan, Poland and London and skilled directors with tonss of experience in the direction squad. This mix of accomplishments agencies there is a good mix of strengths in the company and it can win in all countries. In the hereafter I excessively would seek to engage people like this. Social media and on-line merchandising is another of import technique in the concern. It helps make a bigger market around the universe, more of import as people in more and more states have more money to pass on expensive apparels like this and are interested in choice manner. I learned about societal media selling and helped better that for Deploy by making their Instagram history. However, I think they need to better their societal media. They merely have a few followings. Social media is used by people of all backgrounds, states and wealth and is a good manner in which tendencies spread and people find out about what they like. It besides keeps clients coming back. For my hereafter concern I would utilize it to happen my mark audience and demo them my merchandises to promote them to purchase. Finally I learned about exposing apparels and organizing a store. The visual aspect is more than tidiness, it shows the doctrine of the company. Besides it is non merely about the store but utile for on-line merchandising excessively. Overall, I experienced tonss of facets of concern when working at Deploy, seeing how they work good and how they can better. I besides learned a batch about myself and what I need to make in the hereafter for my ain concern.

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