Running Head: The Union Drive at Apollo Corporation Essay

Apollo Corporation produces general component parts for the communications industry-an industry known for intense competitive pressure. Apollo Corporation had never forced its attendance policy; until recently Apollo’s management had been rather laid back in its dealing with employees. This fact has been recently highlighted due to the termination after 19 years of a plant maintenance engineer, Bob Thomas who has always been critical of Management.

This paper will address violation of fair labor practices by Apollo Corporation; the argument that Jean Lipski and Bob Thomas will use to support their case; and some things that managers should not do lest they commit unfair labor practices (Bohlander & Scott, 2007). Jean Lipski, Apollo’s Human Resource (HR) Director facing competitive challenges; held a series of meetings with managers in which she instructed them to tighten up their supervisory relationship with employees.

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Running Head: The Union Drive at Apollo Corporation Essay
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They were informed to strictly enforce HR policies and begin disciplinary action against employees not conforming to company policy. As a result of this action Bob Thomas was terminated; unknown to Jean, Bob fearing that his past conduct was catching up with him had contacted the Brotherhood of Machine Engineers and requested that a union drive begin at Apollo. Jean Lipski had little experience with unions in general and no specific experience with union-organizing campaigns.

She was not aware that during an organizing drive, that managers, and supervisors should avoid accepting or reviewing union authorization cards or pro-union petitions, because employees’ names are listed on these documents, when she heard of the union organizing drive and Bob’s leadership role in it she decided to terminate him which is a violation of fair labor practices (Bohlander & Scott, 2007). ? Bob Thomas termination papers read: “Discharged for poor work performance and unsatisfactory attendance”. This was the argument that Jill, the HR manager used to justify the timing of her termination of Bob.

However the timing of his termination coincided with the organizing of the union drive. Bob’s defense was that he was fired for his support of the union and the organizing drive (Bohlander & Scott, 2007). Going forth Apollo Corporation should make sure that all HR policies are implemented by managers and supervisors in a consistence manner. Bob Thomas and employees like him should provide the works that they are paid to do, and adhere to HR policies and not hide behind a union for support when they are clearly guilty of not adhering to policy.

HR Managers and supervisors should be familiar with the following don’ts when dealing with unions do lest they commit unfair labor practices. Interfering with, restraining, or coercing employees in the exercise of their rights. Dominating or interfering with the formation or administration of any labor organization, or contributing financial or other support to it. Discriminating in regard to hiring or tenure of employment or any term or condition of employment so as to encourage or discourage membership in any labor organization.

Discharging or otherwise discriminating against employees because they file charges or give testimony under the Fair Labor Practices; refusing to bargain collectively with the duly chosen representatives of employees. Many ULPs are either knowingly or unknowingly committed each year by employers. In fiscal year 2004, for example, 26,890 unfair labor practices were filed (Bohlander & Scott, 2007). References Bohlander, G. , & Scott, S. (2007). Managing Human Resources (14 ed. ). Mason, Ohio, USA: Thompson South-Western, a part of The Thompson Corporation.


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