Rwandan Genocide Sample Essay

800. 000 people died in the Rwandan Genocide. Since it lasted 100 yearss. about 8. 000 people died every twenty-four hours. Due to the attempts of an upstander. that figure could hold been higher. 1 upstander from the race murder is the Red Cross. They are courageous and sort. I can compare the Red Cross to merely one individual. Greg Mortenson. Here are some similarities and differences from both upstanders.

To get down off. who is Greg Mortenson? He is a individual who sold everything he owned to assist construct schools in Pakistan. He besides devoted all of his clip in those few and obtained a occupation for making so. I can easy happen similarities between him and the Red Cross. For case. both had the courage to come in at their ain hazard. The Red Cross members die and about decease because of traveling to Rwanda. Greg Mortenson sold everything he owned merely to travel over at that place and construct a school. Similarly. they are both sort. Greg and the Red Cross both wanted to assist their cause to assist man- sort. Another illustration of their similarities is that they helped in topographic points that had no sentimental value to them. Why should they care about the cause? It’s non like non assisting will kill them. right? The Red Cross and Greg Mortenson stuck their olfactory organs into person else’s concern in order to assist. It cost a batch of money to this. In decision. the Red Cross and Greg Mortenson have many similarities.

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Similarly. they both have their differences. For illustration. they were assisting two different causes. The Red Cross helped the hurt and Greg Mortenson builds schools to distribute instruction. In fact. when Greg was merely get downing to assist construct schools in Pakistan. he was merely one individual. The Red Cross is a group of people. so they can back up each other. Finally. Greg was assisting out merely Pakistan metropoliss. while the Red Cross has assisted many states. To sum up. Greg Mortenson and the Red Cross besides have their differences.

Unquestionably. these two are great upstanders. Although they have their similarities and differences. they both merely have one end: To assist the universe. Peoples that would desire to make that are really difficult to happen. Undoubtedly. Greg Mortenson and the Red Cross are really thoughtful and valorous.


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