S.O.P in Accommodation Essay

S. O. P (Standard Operating Procedures) Every company or organization has a standard operating procedure (S. O. P). S. O. P is a written description of the ways things should be done in a company or an organization. It relates to all areas in the company. S. O. P is used so all to ensure that everything is done in a standard way to maintain the quality. For example S. O. P may be used in housekeeping to make sure every step taken in cleaning a room is done exactly the same way for the whole hotel or resort; this is done so the management knows that the quality and standard of the hotel or resort will be maintained.

There are many benefits of the S. O. P in an organization, not only for the management but for employees as well. S. O. P will act as a guideline for employees on how to do their job more efficiently and effectively. The housekeeping department in a hotel the jobs are delegated to the workers by the executive housekeeper or housekeeping manager. So workers will know what jobs they can do and what jobs can be delegated to others and even other departments. S. O.

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S.O.P in Accommodation Essay
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P is important in every organization because all different organizations have their own ways of carrying out their duties even for its housekeeping or front office or human resource. All companies will have different methods and when new staff joins an organization, they will have to know how things work. This is where S. O. P comes into effect for the reason that it will be able to tell its workers about the organization chart of the company or what is the chain of command. This is important to workers as they will then know who to report to and who to take orders from. S. O.

P in housekeeping is essential as to enhance the highest quality of the rooms in hotel. Many people say that the room is the heart of the hotel, so it is very important to make sure the room is kept to its highest quality, so we may obtain repeat business. S. O. P in a hotel is much different of that in a hospital as we provide difference services on different circumstance such as hospitals have their S. O. P based on the best way to provide quality health service that would be the top priority in a hospital. However hotels main goal is to provide the best level of luxury service for their guest.

Housekeeping in hospitals will not do much as they would just want to make sure the room is clean for their patients; however in hotels S. O. P the housekeeping have to try and go that extra mile to make sure the room is luxurious and will satisfy the needs of the guest. In conclusion S. O. P in hotels and hospitals will never be the same as hotels have to include some areas in the S. O. P that hospitals will not have such as F&B department interaction with housekeeping and as well as other departments. This is some of the differences in the S. O. P in some different organizations.


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