Safeguarding Children Sample Essay

As a registered childminder my policy has been developed in conformity with the rules established by the children’s act 1989 and 2004. My first duty and precedence is towards the kids in my attention. and I understand that kid maltreatment can be physical. sexual. emotional. disregard or a mixture of these. I must advise Ofsted of any allegations of maltreatment. which are alleged to hold taken topographic point while the kid is in my attention. This includes any individual who is populating on the premises. I must advise Ofsted of these allegations every bit shortly as is sensible. I will maintain up to day of the month with child protection issues and relevant statute law by taking regular preparation.

This will assist my keep aware of the marks of maltreatment or disregard and what to make if I have concerns. Child protection concerns that could place a peculiar kid are kept confidential and merely shared with individuals who need to cognize this information. I aim to supply an environment in which kids and immature people feel valued and respected. and confident to near my if they are in troubles. believing they will be efficaciously listened to. Parents must advise me of any concerns they may hold about their kid and any accidents or incidents impacting the kid. which I will so necessitate to enter. I will work together with parents to do certain of their kid is consistent. Procedure:

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Safeguarding Children Sample Essay
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If I have ground to believe that any kid in my attention needs protection in any manner I will: * Refer a kid. if there are concerns about a possible maltreatment I must inform Ofsted * Keep written records of concerns about a kid. even if there is no demand to do an immediate referral. I will guarantee that all such records are kept confidential and firmly. separate from the Childs records. * I will intercede with other bureaus and professionals to acquire more advice. If I notice:

* Any important alterations in behavior.
* Unexpected bruising or Markss.
* Any remarks. which will give me. cause for concern or impairment in general well being which causes me concern Or if a kid confines in me that they or another kid is being abused. I will * Show that I have understood what they are stating and that I take their allegations earnestly. * Promote the kid to speak. without inquiring taking inquiries or disrupting when a kid is remembering a important event. * Record the concerns and the Childs remarks in composing. in their ain words every bit far as possible. The record will incorporate: * The Childs name

* The Childs day of the month of birth
* The day of the month the record was made
* A note of the Childs non-verbal behavior
* A organic structure map. if appropriate. to enter any seeable hurts or Markss * My name and signature
* Inform the kid that I can non assure non to portion this information but that everything I do will be in the involvement of their safety. * Seek advice from Ofsted and. if necessary log a referral. Confidentiality:

* I recognise that all affairs associating to safeguarding are confidential. * I will unwrap any information about a kid on a demand to cognize footing merely. Mentioning to ‘what to make if you’re worried a kid is being abused’ . * I am cognizant that I have a professional duty to portion information with other bureaus in order to safeguard kids. * I am cognizant that I can non assure a kid to maintain secrets which might compromise their safety and well-being. Visitors to my place:

* I will enter all visitants to my place during childminding hours with the clip and nature of the visit. Children will non be unsupervised with the visitants to protect myself and others in my place from allegations being made against us. If an allegation is made against me. I will describe it to Ofsted and societal attention following the safeguarding children’s board procedures in England. I will besides reach NCMA’s safeguarding children’s services for advice and support.


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