Safeguarding of Children and Young People Sample Essay

Explain all current Legislations. guidelines. policies and processs that are in topographic point for safeguarding kids and immature people. . /3. 3. 11 Explain the policies and processs relevant to your administration that are in topographic point to protect kids. immature people and the staff who work with them. We presently have in topographic point at the minute ; Safeguarding Procedures and Safeguarding Benchmarking. protection of Children. Vulnerable Adults and Safeguarding Procedures. hazard appraisals. Missing Learners Policy. Health and Safety Policy For Lone Working. Guidelines for Learners traveling out unsupported. Anti Bullying Procedures and Access to college premises by people outside the college. These are all in topographic point to guarantee that the Children and immature people we work with are safe. It is of import that all staff follow the policies and processs in topographic point because we work with vulnerable immature people who may non gain when they are seting themselves or others in danger. 3. 3. 3 Explain the ways in which national and local guidelines. policies and processs for safeguarding affect daily work with kids and immature people. / 3. 3. 6 Explain the importance of safeguarding kids and immature people.

Child Protection. in my work topographic point we have policies and processs for safeguarding that province that all employees should hold valid CRB cheques. to guarantee that we are suitability to work with kids and immature people. It besides states that all kids or immature individual. whatever their age. civilization. disablement. gender. linguistic communication. racial beginning spiritual beliefs and/or sexual individuality have the right to protection from maltreatment and that all intuitions and allegations of maltreatment and/or hapless pattern will be taken earnestly and responded to fleetly and suitably. All staff have a duty to describe concerns to the kid protection officer. Risk appraisal are an of import factor in safeguarding kids and in my twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours work. before I carry out any activity with kids and immature people I am required through our policies and processs to transport out a hazard appraisal. first toensure that everyone is safe. for illustration. If I was to set up a trip to the local park I would necessitate to put on the line buttockss each single service user to guarantee that they will non be put in any unneeded danger. The safeguarding policies are in topographic point to guarantee the protection of the kids and immature people in our attention.

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Safeguarding of Children and Young People Sample Essay
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This affects my twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours work as I must be cognizant of the kid protection processs at all times. such as how to descry the marks of maltreatment. how and who to describe my concerns to. how to keep a safe environment. be cognizant of the wellness and safety of kids and immature people and to be able to set about any preparation required of me. for illustration foundations of growing. 3. 3. 4 Give 2 illustrations of serious instance reappraisals and explicate how the outcomehas influenced policies and processs. The Case of Baby P – Peter Connelly died in August 2007 at place in north London. after months of maltreatment. Detailss of his instance uncover the incompetency of societal workers. physicians. attorneies and constabularies. The 17-month-old babe had suffered more than 50 hurts. and had been visited over 60 times by the governments in the 8 months before his decease. The study said: “In this instance. the pattern of the bulk. both separately and collectively… was unqualified. Their attack was wholly unequal and did non run into the challenge of the case” .

The study besides said that his “horrifying decease could and should hold been prevented” and if the right attack had been taken. the state of affairs would hold been “stopped in its paths at the first serious incident” . It criticised Peter’s GP for non raising concerns when he found contusions on the child’s caput and thorax after seemingly falling down stepss. It chastised constabularies for non look intoing leery hurts and it said the school. attended by Peter’s siblings. had non mentioned the troubles staff had encountered with the female parent. Neither did the societal workers and their directors at any clip “seriously think” that Peter was being harmed or was at hazard of injury. The study sets out how assorted bureaus failed to gain that Stephen Barker. the violent fellow of Peter’s female parent Tracey Connelly. was populating at the household place and might hold been mistreating Peter. As a consequence every local authorization now have to hold in topographic point a multi-agency Children’s Trust Board. The boards are made up of the local authorization. wellness. constabulary. schools and other services they are lawfully required to hold and present a Children and Young People’s Plan. Schools and college must play a key-part in guaranting at-risk childs get the protection they need. ( World Wide Web. bbc. co. United Kingdom )

The Case of Victoria Climbie – In 2000 in London. England. an 8 twelvemonth old miss Victoria Climbie was tortured and murdered by her defenders. Victoria died with 128 separate hurts on her organic structure after months of maltreatment at the custodies of her aunt and her fellow. Victoria was seen by tonss of societal workers. nurses. physicians and constabularies officers before she died but all failed to descry and halt the maltreatment as she was easy tortured to decease. Her decease led to a public enquiry and produced major alterations in kid protection policies in England. As a consequence of this study the authorities published a green paper entitled “Every Child Matters” and accordingly passed the Children Act 2004. The alterations it put in topographic point included trashing kid protection registries in favor of kid protection programs and making an integrated children’s computing machine system to guarantee information was more routinely and robustly collected. ( World Wide Web. communitycare. co. United Kingdom )

3. 3. 5 Explain the following 2 procedures within your work topographic point ; Data Protection & A ; Information Handling and Sharing.
Data protection is to protect both staff and clients personal information. Merely people that NEED to cognize your personal information can acquire entree to them. you have the right to take who gets to see your information and you can entree your personal information whenever you want to. Everyone’s personal information is kept safe and secure and has to be kept for 10 old ages after they leave. 3. 3. 7 What is the significance of kid or immature individual centred attack and why is this of import?

A kid or immature individual centred attack is about working in a manner that meets the demands of the person. and responds to a assortment of different conditions. A individual centred attack should non be an add-on to the manner that we work already. but a manner of making things otherwise. to accomplish better results for the kid or immature individual. It supports the person to be the best that they can be. ensures that they have a voice and that immature individual is at the Centre of the planning and is included in the determination doing procedure were suited. 3. 3. 8 What is your apprehension of partnership working in relation to the safeguarding of kids and immature people?

The importance of partnership working to safeguard the immature people in out attention is that bureaus and other professionals need to work together ; it starts with authorities statute law right through to local policies and processs. Each professional will hold a different function of expertness so vulnerable kids or immature people will necessitate coordinated aid from wellness. instruction and societal services. so it’s of import that there is good communicating within all the different services available. Safeguarding and advancing the public assistance of kids and immature people depends on effectual partnership working between bureaus and professionals all people involved in the public assistance of a kid or immature individual have a responsibility to safeguard them. Police. wellness attention. GP. infirmary. school. college. societal worker. household. friends. neighbors and the local community are all responsible for safeguarding our kids and immature people and it’svital we all work and pass on together. 3. 3. 10 Why is it of import to guarantee kids and immature people are protected from injury within the workplace? Policies and processs form an of import portion of the work topographic point.

It is critical to guarantee that all staff have a clear apprehension of their duties in relation to the safeguarding of kids and immature people. It is of import for kids and immature people to be protected from injury within school or college to assist them boom in at that place larning. This lone can be achieved when they are healthy and safe. Educational accomplishment is an effectual manner for kids and immature people to develop to their full potency. 3. 3. 12 Explain how the whistle-blowing policy for your administration plants and how it protects ALL those involved in the procedure. The whistle blowing process harmonizing to the policy. is at that place for when an employee is non satisfied that a hazard to their wellness or others have been dealt with adequately. this includes. a condemnable offense. a breach of a legal duty. danger to wellness and safety or any single. harm to the environment or covering up of information intentionally. The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 protects workers who “blow the whistle” about incorrect behaviors. Besides the HSE strongly supports steps which protect whistle blowers from any signifier of exploitation. 3. 3. 13 what stairss can you take to protect yourself in every twenty-four hours practise and whilst out with the service user?

It of import that all staff adhere to the companies constabularies and processs. as they are in topographic point for the immature people. staff and visitants safety. We carry out hazard appraisals on any visits we intend to do. guaranting that it is appropriate for the immature people that we intend to take. that is it safe and no un-necessary danger’s to the immature people or staff. If there any possible dangers so they are hazard assessed and a program put in topographic point to guarantee we have done all we can to forestall the danger from going evident. We carry out hazard appraisals on a day-to-day footing with in the residence’s. making fire marshal cheques. guaranting that all the fume sensors are working. fire asphyxiators are in working order and no issues are blocked. 3. 3. 15 What is the right process to follow if a kid makes a revelation to you?

First is really of import that you make it really clear to the kid or immature individual that you can’t maintain any secrets. and explicate to them that it’s for their ain safety and that they won’t acquire in to any problem but that you merely desire them to be safe from any injury. I would so explicate to them who else I will necessitate to describe this to. reassuring them that we will non be stating everyone and what could go on following. I would inquire them if it was all right if I took some notes. so that I don’t miss out any of import information. I would them allow them state me what they wanted to state me. guaranting that I don’t inquire any prima question’s and seeking to maintain my emotions out of the conversation because we don’t want the kid or immature people experiencing guilty if they feel like that have upset you etc.

Once the conversation had ended. I would compose up the conversation on a conversation sheet and make full out a “concern for Learner welfare” papers and acquire in contact with the safeguarding officer. if they are non on responsibility I would speak to my Shift Leader if the concern is pressing and can’t delay until the following twenty-four hours. for illustration if a pupil tells you that they are being abused at place and there parent or carer is coming to pick them in an hr for the weekend. it’s of import that action is taken because we release the kid or immature individual in their parents or carers. attention. 3. 3. 16 What rights do kids. immature people and their carer’s have when a kid protection allegation or revelation has been raised?

The kid or immature individual in inquiry ever has the ultimate and overruling right to be protected by the jurisprudence and by us as we have a responsibility of attention towards them. The child’s rights and involvements ever come foremost. to guarantee there protection from farther injury. The immature person’s career’s right will depend on whether or non they are the one being accused. if they aren’t so they have the usual rights that anyone else would hold under the jurisprudence being and that’s the right to be protected by the jurisprudence. they would besides hold the right to be at that place to back up their kid or immature individual alongside other services such as constabularies. societal services. GP etc. If on the other manus they are the accused the kid or immature person’s rights will over sit their to guarantee that they are protected from them.

Explain what anti-bullying policy is for your workplace and why it is used. The anti-bullying policy is in topographic point to protect both staff and pupils against strong-arming. it’s besides in topographic point to. to cover with any strong-arming fleetly and suitably. Michigans those effected by bulling and do so whilst working within the model of understanding Autistic spectrum conditions. The policy explain different types of intimidation. how to raise consciousness for both staff and pupils. things we can make as a college to assist halt intimidation and includes a measure by measure usher that explains how to describe and supervise any intimidation. Those who have bullied others in any signifier may be capable to serious countenance. for illustration exclusion. 3. 3. 19 how can we assist a immature individual and their household when intimidation has been suspected or alleged?

We can speak about the intimidation with the person ; how it has made them experience and what they think should go on? We can offer to be a mediate between the persons involved. if it seems to be an on-going job. this would be managed by the therapy squad to guarantee safe. confidential and skilled declaration. to convey the intimidation to an terminal. We can offer therapy Sessionss if the person is still experiencing affected by the intimidation after the event. We offer assertiveness preparation Sessionss. societal accomplishments development and besides emotional direction Sessionss to assist the single move on from the event. We offer IT Support if the bulling was Cyber strong-arming. We encourage parents and carers to be portion of the solution. to guarantee that there is no concealing topographic point for toughs and to be clear that strong-arming is non acceptable behavior. 3. 3. 20 How can you assist a kid or immature individual to construct up their assurance and respect? / 3. 3. 21 Describe why it is of import to back up kids and immature people to construct up resiliency?

It’s of import for a kid to hold good ego regard and assurance because this is the foundations for their hereafter. when a kid or immature individual has good regards and assurance it empowers them to seek new things. run into new people and organize strong relationships with household and friends. There are many factors in helping a kid or immature individual to construct their assurance such as. giving them congratulations and positive feedback for their accomplishments. reflectively listening with them so that they know that you are taking an involvement in them and that are of import. acknowledge their feelings ; both positive and negative. when a they miss behave do it clear that it’s the behavior that you don’t like non the kid or immature individual. take an involvement in their involvements and avocations. accept their frights and insecurities ; assisting them to face them at appropriate times. Promote their imminence and concentrate on the kid or immature person’s successes non failures or bad behavior.

3. 3. 22 why is it of import to assist kids and immature people develop methods that enable them to protect themselves and do determinations sing their safety? It is of import to assist kids and immature people to enable themselves to protect themselves from injury because. Children and immature people have the right to do their ain picks. be protected from injury. and show their feelings and wants and to be respected and valued as an person. Children and immature people are venerable to mistreat and strong-arming as they are frequently incognizant to the possible dangers and most kids and immature people are frequently of course swearing of grownups and it’s unfortunate to state that non all grownups can be trusted. 3. 3. 23 Give 3 illustrations of when you have supported a kid to do informed determinations about their safety and wellbeing. * I was working with a immature individual “X” that usage to take a firm stand on have oning their earphones when walking to the coach for college. even though staff had asked them non to because it was unsafe.

It had been reported to me that “X” had about been knocked over by a auto because “X” didn’t hear the auto coming. I explained to “X” about the dangers of this and what could hold happened. “X” came to the decision that maybe it would be a good thought merely to hold the one earphone in so that they can listen to their music and be safe at the same clip. * I was working with immature individual “P” who had told me that whilst on their societal web some work forces had added them and that they had accepted them and been speaking to them. “P” told me that they had asked for their phone figure and reference. after corroborating with “P” that they hadn’t done this. I explained to “P” the dangers of this and the possible jeopardies of who these people could truly be. “P” so asked for my aid to reach the admin squad to cancel them and barricade them so they can’t content them once more. * I was working with immature individual “Z” that thought it was a good thought to travel “planking” ( which is when they lie level in random topographic points for illustration behind vehicles ) . “Z” had about been run over on several occasions because they thought it was amusing to make this in auto Parkss. We did some research and found some narratives of people that had been hurt “planking” and sat down with “Z” and explained the dangers and the possible effects.

We so came to an understanding with “Z” that he can “plank” but merely indoors were it was safe or in the back garden. Once “Z” had seen some of the articles and understood that we weren’t merely pecking he agreed to halt “planking” all together. 3. 3. 24 List the hazards and possible effects of kids and immature people utilizing the cyberspace and mobile phone? Everybody who works with kids and immature people demands to be cognizant of the increasing hazards to kids and immature people from being on-line and from the usage of nomadic phones. Internet and nomadic safety is going a bigger issue as engineering additions and progresss. All scenes working with Children and immature people now have policies to protect them. staff and parents. At my Farleigh all our immature people are required to subscribe an IT codification of behavior understanding to demo they are cognizant of the regulations and accept them. Here is a list of some of the hazards of utilizing the cyberspace and nomadic phones: -Cyber intimidation. Bullying via web sites. nomadic phones etc.

-Exposure to age inappropriate stuff.
-Exposure to inaccurate or misdirecting information.
-Exposure to socially unacceptable stuff that might motivate force. hatred or intolerance.
-Exposure to illegal stuff.
-Exposure of bush leagues to inappropriate commercial advertisement.
-Online gaming.
-Financial cozenages.
-Personal information acquiring in the incorrect custodies. for illustration. name. day of the month of birth. reference. bank inside informations etc.
-Grooming utilizing the cyberspace and/or nomadic phones.

Give illustrations of how to cut down the hazard to kids and immature people for each of the below: Social Networking| • Talk to the children/young people about ne’er speaking to aliens or set uping to run into them etc. • Use parental control. • Restrict entree to societal networking sites. Most societal networking sites have age bounds so make certain they adhere to them. • Monitor which societal web sites that they visit. • Take an involvement on what the kid or immature individual is making on the societal networking web site. e. g. Conversations. photo’s ECT. | Internet Use| • Filter out inappropriate sites and images. • Monitor children’s and immature people’s on-line activity. • Limit the sum of clip the child/young individual spends on-line. • Talk to children/young people about non swearing others. non to run into people in individual. make non give out personal information ( names. Numberss. reference. electronic mail. exposures or bank inside informations ) . log out if uncomfortable about anything. • Inform the children/young people of the hazards of the cyberspace.

• Encourage children/young people to speak to you about things that might be go oning online. | Buying Online| • There is a hazard of others choping into your computing machine to acquire your individuality this can be minimised by a firewall. A firewall can assist by forestalling hackers or malicious package from deriving entree to your information• There is a hazard to immature people of fraud whilst purchasing online. This can be prevented by utilizing a unafraid payment system. such as PayPal. | Mobile Phone| * A hazard of them being attacked if they have expensive phones for illustration. smart phones. Buy a inexpensive wage as you go phone for them to utilize at school or clubs this will understate the hazard and still let the child/young individual to hold entree to a phone. * Guaranting that they don’t give the nomadic figure out to people they don’t know. * Promote the kid or immature individual to speak to you about any concerns they may hold with respects to their phone or any messages they may hold received. |

3. 3. 9 What administrations may be involved in kid protection instance and what are their functions and duties. Organisations| Roles and Responsibilities.
Local Authorities | The public assistance and protection of vulnerable grownups is the corporate duty of each and every local authorization working in partnership with other public bureaus. the voluntary sector and service users and contracted services. | Social Services. | Social workers help people and their households adjust to jobs in their lives such as serious unwellness. kid maltreatment. substance maltreatment. mental unwellness. disabilities. juvenile delinquency. and anti-social behavior. Often they must assist people accept state of affairss that can non be changed. Frequently they work with the lower class. including the homeless. unemployed. and mentally ill. Most societal workers work for the authorities in offices. infirmaries. clinics. prisons. or the tribunals. Some besides work in nursing places. group places. schools. or concerns. Their responsibilities frequently include: * Interviewing and reding persons. households. and groups. * Assessing demands and developing response programs. * Mentioning clients to professional or community services.

* Organizing responses between civic. spiritual. governmental. and other organisations. | NSPCC| • Provides support for kids and households in state of affairss such as domestic force. maltreatment. • Work with different administrations e. g. societal services. constabulary. household protection. instruction and wellness services. • Provide support via telephone line to home-based child care workers on whether to mention a state of affairs to societal services. | A Health Visitor| • A wellness visitant have important accomplishments in protecting kids from injury and maltreatment. they are one of the first to recognize kids who are likely to be abused or neglected. A wellness visitant plays a large portion in all phases of a kid protection procedure including instance reappraisals. • Support the wellness of babes and kids under the age of five. • They have contact with many multi bureaus and they support the work of the LocalSafeguarding Children’s Board ( LSCB ) . • They are trained to a high degree to recognize any hazards that the kid might be in. • The wellness visitant will see parents’ place so they will garner information such as marks and symptoms this will enable a wellness visitant to get down the procedure of the marks and concerns of maltreatment or disregard.

The wellness visitant will necessitate to hold entree to ongoing contact with the household if maltreatment or disregard is suspected. • Health visitants should utilize their ain opinion on when to portion information with other bureaus. • They support and guide parents of immature kids. • Provide developmental cheques on under-fives. | General Practitioners ( GP’s ) | • The function of a GP is to keep their accomplishments in recognizing if a kid is being abused or neglected. • They need to follow all correct processs if maltreatment or disregard is suspected. • All GP’s Should have regular preparation and update their preparation when necessary. | School nurses| • School nurses have regular contact with kids from the ages of 5-19. • They are lead professionals for CAF ( Common Assessment Framework ) . • School nurses provide a function in presenting the Healthy Child Programme. They entree kids and implement their demands such as single or group demands. • School nurses work with parents or carers in the attention and intervention of vulnerable kids. They can supply support to the households to assist them accomplish better parental accomplishments. | School| • The function of the staff is to make and keep a safe acquisition environment.

• To place any concerns and to move upon this information. • Staff to go to kid protection and first assistance classs. In instances of particular schools staff should hold appropriate preparation on medical issues on safeguarding all kids. • To protect kids from injury and maltreatment. ( including bullying/cyber bulling ) • To assist run into the wellness demands of kids with medical conditions and supply accurate information on the child’s educational demands. • The school designate a individual that have had specific preparation to cover with kid protection issues• They will be in contact with multi bureaus to back up the kid and attend instance conferences. • Under the children’s Act 1989 the school have a cardinal function to play mentioning kids and supplying information to the constabulary for future condemnable proceedings that might take topographic point under kid protection issues. • The school should pull off hazards suitably such as cyberspace etc. • Provide policies and processs to protect kids etc kid protection. physical contact. safeguarding. hazard appraisals. excursions. hurts. unwellnesss and exigencies. All policies And Procedures should be followed at all times. | Police|

• The chief function of the Police is to forestall offense and upset and protect all persons. • The constabulary have statute law to adhere to to protect the kids. Childs have the right to be to the full protected ( Children’s Act 2004 to safeguard and advance the public assistance of kids ) . • All probes can be sensitive so the constabulary investigate and work with other administrations such as children’s societal attention to garner information needed. • The constabulary investigate kid maltreatment instances ( they have specialist preparation for this. Child Abuse Investigation Units ( CAIUs ) • They can entree information through IMPACT Nominal Index ( INI ) which enables them to acquire accurate information really rapidly. ( including kid protection. domestic force. offense. • The Police need to garner information and work with other bureaus in instance of condemnable proceedings against suspected kid maltreaters. All information will be passed on to the CPS ( Criminal Prosecution Services ) . • The Police besides have powers to come in premises to guarantee that kids are instantly protected against important injury.


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