Safety Construction Practice Essay

Safety Construction Practices A construction site of any type can be a very dangerous environment if safety rules are not followed. An employee who is injured on the work site will draw worker’s compensation and drive the rates up for his employer, not to mention having a lower income while recovering. This also puts pressure on the other workers to complete a job with one less employee, and the same pressure is conveyed to the company in order to reach completion deadlines. Accidents in the construction site are a lose-lose situation for all and are best avoided by observing the use of common safety practices. Safety Glasses

Protecting your eyes while working in construction can prevent long term damage to your vision. This may seem like it isn’t needed at all times, but when any foreign object is introduced to the eyes it can cause severe complications in sight. Sawdust, debris and other irritants can travel to the back of the eyeball and create a nasty infection which will result in loss of work. Metal fibers from cutting or drilling holes in metal can become embedded in the eye and are quite painful. Safety Harnesses 1. A tie-down safety harness will keep an employee from falling to the ground when climbing on tall objects in the workplace.

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These are used for working on scaffolding, tops of tall walls or buildings, roofs and lifts. It isn’t always the length of the fall that causes so much damage to you, but also what surface or item you land on. A safety harness will enable the worker to dangle from the tie down instead of falling all the way down and then they can propel upward or downward to arrive at a safe position. Safety Boots 2. A good pair of safety boots is important to maintain proper balance in the construction site. They should have a soft rubber sole for good gripping capabilities and a proper fit to allow easy movement.

It is best to have boots with electrical hazard protection and water and oil resistance in order to avoid slipping, in addition to a steel toe for protection. Drinking and Drug Policy 3. Many construction workers and severely injured and killed each year due to drinking and drugs in the workplace. A stringent no-tolerance policy should be in place and adhered to by every employee. Some people think it’s OK to just drink at lunchtime and return to work because it is only a “buzz,” but when there is heavy equipment involved in your workplace this may cause an injury easily.

Alcohol and drugs in the workplace lead to miscalculations of distance and bad decision-making abilities and ultimately injury. Considerations 4. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the leader in construction and all employment safety. They put safety rules in place and do routine inspections in order to keep all employees protected which even include things as having the exits in a building marked and a fire extinguisher available in case it is needed. When all OSHA standards are observed and followed, it creates a safe work area. construction practice


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