Safety Rules

Question Answer
If fire erupts, immediately… notify the teacher
Which 3 items should NOT be worn during a laboratory activity? Loose clothing, dangling jewlery and sandals
When are goggles worn in the laboratory? anytime chemicals, heat, or glassware are used.
Horseplay, practical jokes, or pranks in the classroom are… ALWAYS against the rules
If you do not understand a procedure you should… ask the teacher before proceeding
What should you do when handling animals? open cages with permission, do NOT tease,
and report bites or scratches
What should you do with chemical waste? dispose of it according to your teacher's directions
What do you do if the equipment is not working properly? Stop, turn off and tell the teacher
What do you do first when injured in the laboratory? tell the teacher at once
What do you do when you are finished working with chemicals? wash your hand with soap and water
What 3 activities are NOT allowed in the laboratory? chewing gum, eating and drinking
When using a razor blade or scalpel, always cut material… away from you
What should you do before you leave the science room? clean work area, return equipment and wash hands with soap and water
Should work areas be kept clean? True
Should all chemicals in the lab be treated as if they could be hazardous? True
Should you start lab work if the teacher is not present? No
Should you always carry a microscope using both hands? True
Should you pick up broken glass with your bare hands? No
Read all procedures thoroughly before performing a laboratory investigation. True

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