Sales and Inventory System Sample Essay

The Gross saless and Inventory System is making a web-based system. Advanced system on gross revenues provide more dependable recording of gross revenues of the company with comparing to its existent cost. Gross saless and stock list makes the company more productive. efficient and convenient to the company and its client. The system is meant to assist the people show to their clients more relevant points. trusting to hasten and increase the gross revenues and most significantly to increase the net income of the company. With the assistance of gross revenues and stock list systems. direction can easy do consistent. dependable. and timely determinations. A computerized information system is far superior to a manual system when it comes to accessing files. as the velocity at which this can be done is far quicker. If an employee’s records are needed. these can be accessed in a affair of seconds. merely by seeking for the relevant individual on screen. All the information needed can be stored on a individual file. as opposed to holding reams of paper and assorted files for each employee that would necessitate sifting through to entree in a manual information system. Confidentiality. files kept on a computing machine based information system.

It can be password protected. so that merely the authorised people can see the files. In a manual information system. the lone manner to maintain files confidential would be in a locked cabinet. The velocity at which these files can be accessed is far faster even when utilizing a watchword protection system on a computing machine. Space Needed. All files can be kept on computing machine. taking up far less infinite. than holding to house registering cabinets. shelves and shortss to maintain path of paperwork. A computing machine accounting system for illustration would house all bringing presentments. bills. purchase orders. and payment inside informations in little files on the computing machine. whereas in a manual system the information would be needed to be kept in separate files in a certain order. for them to be easy accessible Basically a manual-based information system is one that does non trust on any computerized systems and a computer-based information system does. A manual-based system will see information recorded and kept in different ways such as in files in paper signifier. Where as a computing machine based information system will see informations stored on assorted computing machine plans including on databases. Word paperss. Excel etc.

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Sales and Inventory System Sample Essay
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The advocates use Transaction Processing System ( TPS ) as information system for proposed system of the company. Transaction Processing System ( TPS ) defines as a computer-based version of a manual processing system. The advocate will make a Computerized Gross saless and Inventory for the said company as to better and do easier their manual processing system. A. Background of the Problem

The Car Tint Auto Parts is located at # 112 Tandang Sora Avenue Tandang Sora. Quezon City. Since 2004. Eduardo Albaladejo is built Car Tint Auto Parts the concern in industry. The Car Tint was a little concern for 6 old ages but in twelvemonth 2010 they expand the concern and they have one subdivision in Congressional Avenue. The company have a three employees and it is their relations. The merchandise of the company is the different types of mechanism manual. side mirror. door of autos. shade. power window. grip. headlamps. They sell the merchandise in retail merchant and besides mend the harm of the merchandises if possible. The company receives the order of the client ; they order the merchandise to the provider through call or see the topographic point of the provider to pick up the merchandises. They do non accept recognition cards or bank cheques because the merchandises are in hard currency to hard currency footing. There are some jobs in the company in footings of selling their merchandise.

This are ( 1 ) Damage of the merchandise. Some companies accept all the merchandises w/c has damaged. But others do non return it so review of the merchandises should be made. ( 2 ) Monetary values of the merchandise. Every month. some monetary value of the merchandise will increase and diminish so sometimes it’s so difficult to place what merchandise will be increasing or diminishing. ( 3 ) Order of the merchandise. Ordering procedure begins with the listing of the merchandise that the client ordered and they do non present so that the client must pick up it on the said subdivision. ( 4 ) Human mistake trouble. Some clients are good clients and some are non. Particularly those clients who want to prove all your merchandises the so you will entertain and show it to them but they will non purchase it. It consumes more clip in entertaining them. Besides. some of the clients like to reiterate what you’ve said so in that instance you should be really patient to them. B. Overview of the current province of the engineering

The proprietor of auto shade are utilizing manual system to run the company and buying an order to the company’s provider through calls or the provider sends a representative who comes and visit one time a month. Then they will have the merchandises that they order from the provider and the company will give the money exchange of the merchandises. It is made as neither retail merchant nor wholesaler footing and the order goods. Sometimes it is based on the season and the concern made stock lists twice a twelvemonth.

The sales representative of the concern is the 1 who update the merchandises. stock lists and gross revenues. Eduardo Albaladejo is the proprietor. his married woman is assign at the teller and the other two workers are assistants. Positions in the company

* Owner
* Cashier
* Helper

C. Project Rationale
The host company will profit the most of holding the Computer-based Gross saless and Inventory System because it will minimise its lack when it comes to accuracy and clip in giving out the client or clients and supplier the information about their merchandise and its handiness. At the same clip. the company can be more competitory in giving faster services. The manager/owner/cashier will hold a great advantage when it comes to the shop advancement in gross revenues and stock list in a minimal sum of clip. The director can easy measure the competence of their shop when it comes to giving out service and the handiness merchandise. Calculations and study coevalss will be easier and faster. The Personnel will profit with the propose system because it will minimise the clip the Personnel needs to verify the handiness of the merchandise and reduces the possible mistake that’s being encounter The Personnel has a benefit with system during the stock list of the items/products supply available the depot. The advocates will profit this undertaking excessively. If we make the system for the said company. we will go through the undertaking that is required to the topic. And after that we can travel to the following topic that the pupil demand to complete once more. II. Undertaking DESCRIPTION

In this chapter. the pupils who are the developer of the system are traveling to undertake about the company’s chief job in its bing system and are besides traveling to discourse the particular job that causes the host company’s loss and incompetence to the market. The propose system that the pupils come up with will be discuss to maximise the competence of the host company along with the inside informations. the range and restrictions. and the methodological analysis used for the survey. 2. 1 Problem Statement

In this chapter the advocate will stipulate the general and specific jobs of their company that has encounter through interview or observation. 2. 1. 1 Major Statement

1. How to make a Computerized Gross saless and Inventory System for Can Tint Auto Parts that will easy to utilize? Car Tint Auto Parts utilizing the manual system for the operation of the stock list the advocates decided so to develop a computer-based gross revenues and stock list system that the shop can utilize to be able to work out major and minor jobs encountered when utilizing a manual system in making these operation. 2. 1. 2 Minor Statements

2. How to form the record of all the Information about the system? Car Tint Auto Parts has many supplies and in order to form it. we decided to utilize the database in order to happen the information we required such as merchandise name. merchandise monetary value. merchandise gross revenues 3. How to do the user easy happen the validate returned merchandises? Merchandise returned include harm points when a merchandise is returned. it should be accompanied with the reception of the purchased merchandise. Since merely the merchandise class and its monetary value are indicated in the reception. it would be difficult for the director to easy happen and formalize the merchandise and the reception so as to accept the return dealing. 2. 1. 1 General Aims

The general aim of the survey to do a Computerized Gross saless and Inventory System for Car shade Auto Parts that will work out. better the dealing needs of the company The advocate will plan and develop a Computerize Gross saless and Inventory System for Car shade Auto Parts that can easy to utilize unlike the manual system that can calculate manually. 2. 1. 2 Specific Aims

To develop a system that easy to form the files. supplies. and merchandise gross revenues of its company In order to the user to easy to turn up the files. easy to pull off the supplies. faster calculation of merchandise gross revenues. 6. To develop a system that will form the record of all the information about the system. In this statement the advocates need to form the record of all the information about the system so that we can easy see all the information we need to see if it is necessary. Without organisation the system will hold corrupted files and alteration would be impossible in the database. 2. 1. 3 Scope and Restrictions

The Study is conducted to develop computerized gross revenues and stock list system for Car shade Auto Parts. This computerized gross revenues and stock list will ease the work of the individuals involved in this system to minimise their undertakings every bit good as to maintain up with the engineering today. Returned product/s due to damage which is accepted for return or exchange can be easy validated through a dependable reception that will bespeak the store’s name. merchandise name. merchandise monetary value and the day of the month that purchased or day of the month of dealing will be adjusted in a returns signifier. Restrictions

The system can non supply a payment utilizing recognition cards and bank cheques. Obviously it is more profitable to hold an on-line ordination but likely it can non use them on-line orders. The dealing or method can non be converted in to a computerized system and can merely be done manually such as measuring the studies or proposing an alternate merchandise or any determination related job. 2. 1. 4 Methodology

The proponent’s method in doing the system is the Systems Development Life Cycle or merely SDLC is the methodological analysis that we used in our system. It is the development rhythm designed to give much faster. To be able to carry through the demands of the proposed system. the advocates decided to utilize the System Development Life Cycle or merely SDLC and divided the rhythm into five stages. The SDLC is a phased attack to analysis and design that hold that systems are best developed through the usage of a specific rhythm of analyst and user activities. Although each stage is presented discretely. the advocates did non deliberately do them as separate stairss alternatively. several activities may happen at the same time. and activities may be repeated. because SDLC is more utile if it is applied as stages instead than in separate stairss. Planing

Precedences for system and undertakings ; an architectures for informations. webs. and choice hardware. and IS direction are the consequence of associated systems ; . m. Detailed stairss. or work program. for undertaking:

Specification of system range and planning and high degree system demands or characteristics ; Assignment of squad members and other resources ; System justification or concern instance.

Description of current system and where jobs or chances are with a general recommendation on how to repair. enhance. or replace current system ; Explain of curative systems and justification for chosen curative Design

Functional. elaborate specifications of all system elements ( informations. procedures. inputs. and end products ) ; Technical. elaborate specification of all system elements ( plans. files. web. system. package. etc. ) . Execution

Code. certification. preparation processs. and support capablenesss. Care
New version or releases of package with associated updates to certification. preparation. and support.


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