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SPCH 1321 – BUSINESS ORGANIZATION & PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION Final Exam Essay Questions: Ch. 1 – The Communication Process: An Introduction Based on the basic communication model found in Chapter 1 of your text, create a model of the communication components. Label and discuss all the components. Explain why the following communication principle is true: “The sent message and the received message are never identical. ” Give an example to illustrate your answer. Ch. 2 – Organizational Communication

List the five “organizational models” and give a description of each. Fully describe “formal” and “informal” communication with their respective sub- categories. Ch. 3 – Improving Interpersonal Communication Draw the vertical and horizontal axis of the pie chart and mark and explain what each one of the ends represents. Identify and explain the four styles of communication that occupy the “pie chart”. Ch. 4 – Effective Listening List the four sources of information that help effective listening in the business world nd give at least one benefit for each one.

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List and briefly discuss the six “signs” of poor listening. Ch. 5 – Nonverbal Communication in Organization List all the 6 types of nonverbal communication in an organization and explain List the four distance categories used in the United States, describe each, and tell when each is normally used in an organization. Ch. 6 – Overcoming Obstacles to Communication in Organizations There are two types of communication anxiety. Identify both and explain each.

List all the 7 obstacles to communication in organizations and explain each. Ch. 7 – Basic Information for All Types of Interviews List the 3 phases of a basic interview organization and fully describe each sub-part. List the 8 basic types of interview questions mentioned and give a brief description of each. Ch. 8 – The Employment Interview You are unemployed, what steps does the textbook recommend you follow to secure an interview. List the 4 basic types of resumes and give a brief description for each.


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