Sandra Cisneros Essay

The House On Mango Street and “ Only Daughter” both prove that being an Mexican- American women is a struggle. As Cisneros shows her first hand experience, and as well shows it through story telling. Yet without telling a biography and going straight to the point she shows emotion by using literary elements. Sandra Cisneros Chose to use metaphors and imagery to express the hard ships of being a Mexican- American women. If Sandra Cisneros did not use literary elements to show the lifestyle of a Mexican-American women, the points that she showed in both the texts would not have been as powerful as they were.

In “Only Daughter” Sandra Cisneros shows her first hand experience as an Mexican-American women, and how she is seen in her family. Cisneros explains how her family wanted her to adopt the typical women roles in society even though Cisneros did not want that for herself at all. Cisneros emphasizes her points by using metaphors “ But somehow I could feel myself being erased”. By using this Cisneros emphasized her feelings by using a metaphor. This shows that as her father would continuously say I have 7 sons, not 6 son and 1 daughter Cisneros felt as if she was being erased out of his life.

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Yet instead of saying I felt I was being pushed away, using “erased” showed that it hurt her to the point that she possibly did not want to just say it, but she wanted to show it. By having Cisneros used metaphors to show her feelings it can make the reader feel as if they are Cisneros and is feeling the same way as she is. By her feeling she’s “ being erased” it shows that just by her father making a simple translation mistake it hurt he so much. By her father doing this it was like her was taking away her identity away.

The house on Mango Street, was a book that without literary elements there would have been no meaning behind it. Although Cisneros did not use them in every single line or even every single vignette when she did use them there was always a purpose and meaning behind them that would make the reader pause and think about the part. If The house on Mango Street did not have literary element people who have read it would not have stopped and thought about what is Cisneros actually trying to say. Although people don’t always look at the title as a literary element, I felt as if the title can be seen as a literary element.

Mango’s are mostly imported from Latin countries, one being Mexico. Cisneros using Mangos could have been use to show her Mexican-heritage as well. Using a title as a way to connect everything that is inside the book was a creative was Cisneros used a literary element. Although not every book or written article doesn’t always have literary elements, Sandra Cisneros shows that using literary elements can help explain things; literary elements can easily be used to make the reader think more about what the author is trying to explain to them.


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