Term Definition
cell smallest unit that preforms life functions
nucleus structure in eukaryotic cells
eukaryotic cells with nucleas
prokaryotic cells with out nucleus
unicellular organism with one single cell
multicellular organism made up of more than one cell
classification the process of grouping things
taxonomy the branch of science that formally names and classifies oganism
domain broadest group of cells
prokaryotic,single-celled no nucleus
prokaryotic,single-celled no nucleus can be in extreme enviroments
organisms with cells that have a nucleas(eukaryotic)
kingdom 6 groups of taxonomic rank
autotroph make own food
heterotroph CANNOT make own food
asexual only one parent gives genetic stucture
sexual two parents give genetic structre
celltheory a theory that states that all living things are made up of cells
archeabacteria unicellular,asexual,auto,heterotroph,no nucleas in extreme places
eubacteria unicellular,asexual,auto,heterotroph,no nucleas in moderate places
protista unicellular,multicellular,sexual,asexual,auto,heterotroph with nucleas
fungi unicellular,multicellular,decomposers,sexual,asexual,heterotroph nucleas
plantae unicellular,multicellular,sexual,asexual,heterotroph nucleas
animilia unicellular,multicellular,sexual,asexual,heterotroph nucleas, and a consumer.

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