Saturday Night Live Essay

Live from New York its Saturday Night! SNL is the the king of weekend late night comedy. With awesome hosts and cast members the show says fresh and halarious! The show survived this long due to its incredible ratings given by dedicated fans who loves to laugh. Saturday Night Live is on every Saturday at 11:30pm. From Chevy Chase to Jimmy Fallon who ever is on is sure to still give you a laugh. Many original members of the early days of SNL have gone off to do many funny things.

A couple of years after the show was first brought to television a man named Damon Wayans was on the show. After he left he made a show named The Living Color featuring people like Jim Carrey. This show is filled with halarious comedy sketches as well. But the laughs didnt last as long as SNL’s and it was soon brought to an end. SNL still is on till today and is currently having people like Andy Samberg and Will Forte as part of thier very talented cast. The shows ratings had its ups and downs but it never was horrible.

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Each night it still was the most watch show in its time slot. Recently SNL has been having teen “Hotties” like Taylor Lautner on the show which always brings up the ratings drastically. An episode that will never let you down in ratings, comedy, ect. is a show with Justin Timberlake as host. As an SNL freak i have to say his shows are the best and I recomend them to everyone i know who watches this show. Overall SNL is a very entertaining show that needs to be watched at least some point in your life time.

Ive gotten many people into this show and they dont need that much persuation from me, i turn on the tv and they are instantly hooked. Looking for a late night laugh in your Saturday night? Watch SNL and you will be satisfied. On every Saturday at 11:30PM on NBC. Bibliography The first authorized book for the series was published by Avon Books in 1977. Saturday Night Live was edited by Anne Beatts and John Head, with photography by Edie Baskin; all three worked for Saturday Night Live at the time the book was published.


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