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Use Computers whenever possible. If you can, e-mail your paper on the geography of Botswana rather than print it out. If you have a laptop, take notes with it, rather than with a notebook. Ads by Google Contact Center Monitoring Download free DMG Contact Center Analytics white paper. www. solutions. nice. com/analytics 2Use Paper Notebooks Wisely. Buy and use recycled paper whenever possible. If you have paper you don’t need anymore, take it to a recycling center. Use both sides of notebook paper. Avoid leaving white space as much as you can.

Don’t do silly things with paper, like passing notes, making planes, eating it to show off in front of your classmates, throwing it in your classmates’ heads and so on. Not only is it wasting paper, such behavior can get you in trouble with school staff. Art teachers can guide you on how to re-use paper creatively, and to arise awareness. Re-Use used computer paper: take the paper in the recycling bin next to the printer, align the paper so all the blank sides are one direction, 3-hole punch it, and you just re-used a lot of paper that would be wasted. You can also offer it to teachers for scratch paper). 3Write small, (but legible) so the paper will last longer. 4Get Students Involved. Student environmental clubs are very popular, and can help make the school community more ecology-savvy. Calculate how much paper is thrown out and recycled every day. (The janitor can help you find this out). Educate students on ways to conserve and reuse paper: posters, “Tip of the Day” in the daily bulletin, whatever works.

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Recycle clean but used paper into scratch paper for teachers (all you need is time and some paper cutters). 5Get Teachers and Staff Involved. Adults at school are interested in saving paper, too. Work with them in finding ways to save paper wherever possible. Find out how to reduce paper waste in the cafeteria. Lobby for hand dryers instead of paper towels. Post reminder “These Come From Trees” stickers on napkin and paper towel dispensers, and photocopiers to help remind people to reduce unnecessary use and save paper.

Help the art teachers sort paper to re-use. 6Get Businesses to Donate Paper. Workplaces often have reams of paper goods that are not used, such as outdated letterhead paper, envelopes of the wrong size, and outdated signs. Ask local businesses, the workplaces of parents, and the like, to donate these paper goods to your school to be reused. (And in many cases, it’s tax-deductable! ) 7Use Page Flipping Catalogs. Every year, millions of tons of trees are cut down to make the industry’s billions of catalogs. It is high time we switch to page flipping


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