School and Educational Goals Essay

What are your educational goals and why are they important to you? My Educational goals are very important to me because I can set what I want and how far I can go. Show myself I can do it. My parents never got the education I’m getting at this moment and they have told me appreciate what I got. What made you decide continue your education? I decided to continue education because I don’t want to be stuck working with only small pay and I wouldn’t want to struggle to get by.

Knowing I can do better with school and unlike other people that haven’t gotten to school are struggling to get by and I know I don’t want that for my future. Why are you attending this college? Why not another one? I’m attending College It’s close to home and I can go far. Plus, Eve heard about the business program they offer here. Explain how you are doing the best you possibly can In your classes. Well I do work and I try to stay in class and try my best to do homework and study as much as Seibel.

What efforts have you made to finance your education? I have a job and I try to pay my education as I can. I will continue to pay out of my own pocket. Plus it had showed me a lot of responsibility and how to manage my money. I like to go out and interact with people and do more activities outside when I’m not doing anything with school. What are you responsible for besides school? My responsibilities out of school are work at. I also try to contribute at church. (When

I can) I like to go hike the mountains early in the morning. How would receiving a scholarship help you? What would be different if you had additional funds for your education? Well it would help out a lot because I will try and way more in my classes and not so much trying to work so I can pay my school. But it would really help out with some scholarship money. In summary, what were you doing before your decided to attend college, why are you here, and what will you be doing when you leave? Why Is this Important to you?

How will a scholarship help you achieve your goals? In Summary, before I started attending College I was working and living with some roommates. But then I was Like I don’t want to keep doing this I need to go back to school and try to succeed. Maybe In the future I will be able to do It again on my own. Attending school for a better future Is something to look forward. Even If It takes me u years or less to get winner I want to De out I’ll get working hard for my future. Tender. But until teen I can Keep

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School and Educational Goals Essay
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