School: Education and Charlotte County Essay

I am 25 years old, a former Charlotte County student, and currently a college student in the state of Georgia. In return to the many people that have helped me through my Journey as a student, am writing this In hope to help other students through theirs. How so you may ask yourself? Easy, I will say. Each and every one of us have attended school at one point or another and by putting our personal experiences and knowledge together we can begin to understand and better our students education one step at a time.

First I would like to share my personal experience while I was attending school in Charlotte County. Through elementary school I was always an A/B student. However as the years went by the school work was getting more difficult and I found myself beginning to struggle in math especially. My grades went down to Ad’s and If’s. This was hard for me to accept as a student. I began to feel as If I would never get it and when I would ear the words try harder it would crush me knowing I was trying my hardest.

Why did all the other students understand but not me I would ask myself? The following year had been placed in another teacher’s math class. He noticed my grades were low and that I was struggling. This teacher came to me and we came up with a solution. He allowed me to come to his classroom before school started. He would take the time to retrace me the same lesson he taught the class but In a different way. Many mornings we would sit and do the same type of problems step by step until I finally smiled and said I get it.

I started to enjoy going to class again and my grades were headed back up to As. Now that I have shared this. I would like to say thank you to my Lemon Bay High School teacher Mr.. Kuhn for taking the time to see not every student learns the same. Not only did he as a teacher help me to understand the knowledge being taught but also by helping me to understand It he changed my attitude towards my ability to learn back to a positive one.

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School: Education and Charlotte County Essay
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