Schools as Organisations Sample Essay

1. 1 Early old ages foundation phase

a ) The Childcare Act 2006 covers proviso of EYFS in the UK.

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Schools as Organisations Sample Essay
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B ) Children can be taught under the EYFS by baby’s rooms. childminders and kindergartens aswell as Reception category.

degree Celsiuss ) For administrations to lawfully present EYFS they must register under the child care act and they must follow Welfare and Learning and Development demands in England.

1. 2 State schools provide free instruction for kids aged 5 to 16yrs. they are either entirely or partly funded by the Department of Education. Most province schools must follow the National Curriculum. Community schools. academies. foundation schools and grammar schools are the most common types of province school. An illustration of a entirely funded province school in England and Wales is a community school. The LEA employs the staff. is responsible for school admittances and owns the school belongings. An illustration of a partly funded province school is a voluntary assisted school. 90 % of support is met by the DoE and the school foundation contributes the remainder. The foundation besides owns the land and edifices of the school. The regulating organic structure runs the school and employs the staff and decides on the admittances.

2. 2 & A ; 6. 3

Physiotherapist – A healthcare professional who use manual therapy and exercising to maximize motion. advance good position and general good wellness for people who are/have been ailing or in an accident. All the students in my
category have regular visits from the physical therapist who carries out single plans for each of them. Address and Language Therapist – works to enable people with address. communicating and linguistic communication troubles to pass on to the best of their ability. The address and linguistic communication healer that works with the students buttockss. proctors and writes single plans for the students and staff to follow. She besides writes feeding programs for the kids as SLTs besides work with feeding and get downing jobs.

One of the students was holding problem imbibing and the SLT came and observed her at tiffin clip and it she decided the student needed to utilize a thickening in her drink. Occupational Therapist – Works with people with disablements to accomplish as much independency as possible. They assess the demand for any equipment e. g. Wheelchairs. and walking AIDSs. The OT at school proctors and assesses the demands of single students. They provide equipment and advise on activities. One student was holding postural jobs and the OT provided a moulded shock absorber for his usage which greatly improved his position.

3. 1 & A ; 3. 2

a ) The schools chief mission. purposes and values are

“Working together as a dynamic squad to supply the best for all learners”

The Aims of Hillside School are to:
Provide chances for all scholars which maximise single development. supply inclusion and put high outlooks for accomplishment and acquisition. Supply each scholar with a rich. wide. balanced and appropriate course of study. straight related to single demands and with mention to the national course of study and the EYFS course of study. Make a acquisition environment which is disputing. exciting. stimulating and safe. Celebrate accomplishments both big and little

Develop skills that allow scholars to take a full. independent and meaningful life.

B ) The school ensures that students and staff commit to the schools ethos by
regular preparation. initiations. contracts between the staff and school and kids and the school.

degree Celsius ) I help to advance the schools ethos by seting students foremost. working together with pupils and staff. being a proactive member of the squad. following the Hillside codifications of Professional Behaviours and making the best I can.

vitamin D ) The school communicates with parents in a assortment of ways. the school web site. letters place and regular intelligence letters. Teachers are besides available if parents wish to discourse anything about their kid. Home/school books are besides used and are critical manner of pass oning between parents and instructors.

4. 1. 6. 1 & A ; 6. 2

The five cardinal countries of Every Child Matters are:
Be healthy
Stay safe
Enjoy and accomplish
Make a positive part
Achieve economic well being

4. 1 & A ; 4. 2

a ) The DfE was once known as the Department for Children. Schools and Families.

B ) The Secretaty of State for instruction is Rt Hon Michael Gove MP

The DfE affects the work of schools by apportioning financess to province schools and supplying pupil premium support for students from hapless countries. Admission policies are set by the DfE and besides Certain Start plans are overseen by the section. They besides make determinations on and alterations to the national course of study as to what and how kids are taught.

a ) HSE stands for the Health and Safety Executive. This regulative organic structure governs what happens in our school by guaranting that relevant wellness and safety statute law is reflected in school policy. It covers a broad scope of activities and processs e. g. fire drills. emptyings. edifices. equipment. hazard appraisals for activities to call a few. HSE may carry on reviews to guarantee that criterions are met.

B ) OFSTED stands for the Office for Standards in Education. OFSTED carry out reviews and modulate instruction Centres ( e. g. schools. colleges. universities. baby’s rooms ) and services which care for kids ( e. g. children’s places. child minders ) . The consequences of reviews are published on their web site. Hillside school’s last review was 3 – 4 February 2010.

5. 1. 5. 2 & A ; 5. 3

a ) The Board of Governers are responsible for maintaining policies up to day of the month and guaranting they reflect current statute law.

B ) There are difficult transcripts of the schools policies in the school office and they can besides be entree on the school intranet.

degree Celsius ) Parents and carers can entree some of these paperss on the school web site or can bespeak entree via the school office.

vitamin D ) It is of import for schools to hold policies so that the administration can be structured to follow with current statute law. They are besides a usher to how we should act at work and holding it written down in black and white and accessible ensures that everyone understands their duties. The school ensures staff now what is in the policies through inset yearss and excess preparation. Besides through regular staff meetings.


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