Sci 275 Checkpoint Population Size Essay

CheckPoint: Population Size -Explain the four factors that produce changes in population size. A factor that creates changes in the population size is changes with the global scale. The changes with the global scale are the amounts of births and deaths in the world. Birth rate factors consist of family planning, contraception, education, religious and cultural views. Death rate factors consist of lack of education, disease, lack of medical care, murder, suicide, and accidents.

Migration plays a big role on population size. Enough people migrating can increase or decrease the numbers of population size. People can leave and enter the country due to, natural hazards, education, money issues, family issues, political instability, social and economic reasons. -Which factors affect population size in the video? Birth rates are faster than death rates; therefore the population for the nutria is increasing dramatically.

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Sci 275 Checkpoint Population Size Essay
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When the video explained that the nutria are having babies the same rate as rabbits this made me think that the nutria is overpopulated. One big factor that could cause the population size to continue increasing is the nutria female can give birth to forty babies in just three years, and nutria babies at six months can start having babies of their own. The process is never ending and the nutria population continuously increasing year by year. What do you predict will happen to the nutria population after the land is depleted of the nutria’s food resource? I think when the lands are depleted of the food resource nutria would start to die from starvation. If the nutrias eat ? of their own weight and can’t find the resources to feed their hunger they will slowly diminish and the nutria population will die off. I think the nutria that make it and are smart enough they will move to a new area that has the resources they need to survive. No comments


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