SCI105 BioLab Review Pt 2

What is the marine colonial hydrozoa we studied?
What is the solitary hydroid we studied?
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SCI105 BioLab Review Pt 2
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What is the hydromedusa we studied?
Intracellular and some gastrovascular
What type of digestion does the hydra do?
Does the hydra have a complete or incomplete digestive system?
ectoderm and endoderm
The two germ layers the hydra has are the
Diploblastic, as all cnidarians are
Are hydra diploblastic or triploblastic?
The top of the hydra, where the mouth is formed, is called the
Are hydra sexual or asexual?
The polyp reproduces asexually by budding and the adult medusa reproduce sexually
Does Obelia reproduce asexually or sexually?
What is the genus name for the moon jellies we looked at?
What is the genus name for the sea anemones we observed??
There are 2 or more different forms within a species
What does “dimorphism” mean?
No. Hydra does not have a medusa stage.
Is hydra dimorphic?
Some digestion happens in the gastrovascular cavity, where digestive enzymes work (extracellular digestion) Intracellular digestion happens when cells engulf particles.
Describe feeding of hydras
Change hydra shape, take in food
What is the function of nutritive-muscular cells?
Simple diffusion
How does hydra respire?
Excreted through mouth or diffusion
How does hydra excrete nitrogenous wastes?
If a species is monoecious, it has both testes and ovaries. If a species is dioecious, the organisms have separate sexes. Is the hydra we observed monoecious or dioecious?
What is the genus name for the Portugese an of War?
No! It is an organ.
Is the gastrovascular cavity a body cavity?
Loliguncula and Loligo
What is the genus name of the squid we dissected?
Is the squid circulatory system closed or open?
To pump O₂ rich blood through body
What is the function of the squid’s systemic heart?
To increase blood pressure. To pump blood through capillaries and gills
What is the function of the squid branchial hearts?
Which is longer, the squid tentacles of arms?
Are earthworms segmented?
No, it is only weakly cephalized because it has a posterior and anterior end. It has no eyes or complex brain though
Is Lumbricus terrestris cephalized?
The circular and longitudinal muscles contract and relax while setae aid in burrowing into the soil by helping in positioning and acting as anchors
How does Lumbricus Terrestris locomote?
What are the tin internal partitions between the earthworm’s segments?
What is another name for organic matter?
Closed! The blood is contained in the vessels and does not bathe the worm interior.
Is the circulatory system of Lumbricus terrestris open or closed?
Yes, nephridia are located in every segment
Does the excretory system show that the earthworm is segmented?
Yes! Both male and female organs
Is Lumbricus terrestris hermaphroditic?
Does Lumbricus terrestric have a respiratory system?
It exchanges gases through moist wall. O2 and CO2 is exchanged in capillaries.
How does Lumbricus terrestric exchange gases?
Because the surface area is enlarged, it can absorb more nutrients at once.
How does the typhlosole in the earthworm help absorb nutrients?
Regulate Ca²⁺, CO₃²⁻, and pH of blood
What do the calciferous glands of the earthworm do?
1) Digestive tract
2) Circulation of fluids
3) Water balance
4) Sex organs/gametes
5) Hydrostatic skeleton
What are the 5 functions of the coelom?
Thinner and longer
Contracting circular muscles makes the worm
Fatter and smaller
Relaxing circular mucscles makes the worm
Fatter and smaller
Contracting longitudinal muscles make the worm
Thinner and longer
Relaxing longitudinal muscles make the worm
Chlorogogue tissue, which stores glycogen (which it gets from the starch in leaves) and lipids. It acts as a chemical defense
Earthwrom intestines are covered by
Because they have no chambers
Why are the “hearts” of the earthworm not considered pseudohearts?
The Lab final may cover more than the digestive system in the earthworm. Study well!!

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