Question Answer
#1 What is polarity/ a polar molecule? Why do polar molecules cohere to one and other so well? Illustrate a polar molecule using the property of cohesion. Polarity is something that has positive and negative charge like H.2.O the two hydragine have positive charge, and the oxygin has a negative charge.
#2 What is the chemical symbol for water? What does it stand for? Which are positively charged and witch are negatively charged. H.2.O
It stands for two hydragine and oxygin
#3 What is solvent? Why is water the universal solvnt Solvent is something that dissolves things. Water is the univursal solvent because it dissolves many, many things.
#4 What is the defanition of cohesion a molecule that sticks to the same kind of molecule
#5 What is the defanition of adhesion a molecule that sticks to a different kind of molecule
#6 what is the difrence One sticks to the same, one sticks to different.
#7 What % of water is salt water what % of fresh water 97% salt water
3% fresh water
#8 How are solid water difrent from liquid water You can crunch and walk on the solid, and you can swim and drink the liquid water
#10 Why does ice float It is boiant
#11 Put them in order of greatest to least
fresh water salt water land
Salt water, Land, Fresh water
#12 What are the 4 main ways water is used on earth Flush toilet, drink water, make ice-cubes, Swim

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