Science 14

Science14 Question Sceince14 answer
What is WHMIS Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
What is MSDS Material Safty Data Sheets
What is HHPS Hazardous Household Product Symbols
What is CaCO2 Calcium Corbonate
What is C6H12O6 Glucose (suger)
What is CO2 Carbon dioxide
What is CH4 Methane (natural gas)
What is a pH scale? It classifies what is acidic or basic.
Who discoverd friction? Count Rumford in 1700s.
What is Kinetic energy A form of energy associated with motion
What is heat Heat is the sum of all kinetic energy
What is temperature Temperature is the average of all kinetic energies
What is conduction A method of heat transfer that requires contact
What is convection A method of heat transfer that involves currents
Method for photosynthesis Carbon dioxide + Water + energy —> glucose + oxygen
Method for cellular respiration Glucose + oxygen –> carbon dioxide + water + energy
Waht do red blood cells do Transfer oxygen
Waht are platelets They are located the blood stream, to clot the blood
What do the white blood cells do They fight off infection in the blood stream
How meny beats dose your hart beat per minute about 60 to 90 beats for adolescents
How is a pulse produced By the streching and springing motions of the artery
What is diabetes Diabetes are when you have to much glucose (suger) in your blood and urine
How does diabetes happen When your pancreas fails to produce enough insulin
What is an ulcer It consist of holes or breaks in the esophagus and stomach
How does it happen By bacterium
What is a heart attack A heart attack is when blood cant get to the heart causing damage to heart cells
What is a cardiac arrest Its when the heart heart compleatly stops
What are the three R's Reduce, re-use, and recycle
whats the differnce between an animal cell and a plant cell? A plant cell has two extra organelles, a cell wall and chloroplasts
what is the nucleus? it is the control center of the cell
what is a compound microscope? a microscope that uses light to illuminate the objecy being viewed
what an electron microscope? a microscope that can view objects in great detail by magnifying them more than 600 000 times
what is an organelle? they are parts of a cell that cary out a specific task or function
what is the life process? necessary activities of life such as reproduction, growth, and transportation
what is tissue? its when cells combine and work together to carry out a specific task or function
what do you suppose theory means? its an explanation of something that has been supported by repeating experimental results
name the three facts of cell theory 1.all living organisms are made of cells 2.cells are responsible for function and structure in all living organisms 3.all cells are reproduced from other living cells
what is a system? any group of organs working together to perform a specialized form
are cells living or non living? they are living because they reproduce
what is the vacuole in the cell? its the organelle that stores food, water, and waste that the cell cant use right a way
what role does the cell membrane play in the cell? it seperates the inner parts of the cell from the outside environment
how can you distinguish between a plantcell and an animal cell? a plant cell has two extra organelles, the cell wall and the chloroplasts
whats the difference between a cell wall and a cell membrane? the cell wall provides protection and strength for the cell, and the chloroplasts contain pigment wich give the plant its color
what is the name of the pigment found inside the chloroplast? chlorophyll
explain how you should bring a specimen into focus on a microscope change the coarse adjustment knob
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