Term Definition
Measurment A repeatable observation of a quantity that includes a number and a unit.
Estimate A reasonable guess at a quantity based on an observation.
Precision Detailed or exact measurement.
Accuracy The correctness of a measurement.
S.I. System A basic unit and prefixes can be added to the basic unit to show multiples of that unit and all multiples and fraction used in the _________ are powers of ten.
Length What you use to measure and something that is measured end to end.
Temperature Tells how hot or cold something is in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
Mass How much matter is in a object.
Volume LxWxH: How much space an object takes up.
Displacement When you place an object in water and the water rises.
Meniscus The curved bottom of a beaker or a graduated cylinder.
Density The amount of mass of a substance per unit volume.

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