Term Definition
astronomy study of celestial objects and interstellar space
astronomer somebody who studies astronomy
revolution one year, celestial object orbiting the sun
rotation a planet spinning once on its axis, one day
orbit the motion of a path of something
calander way to organize time
day time it takes for one rotation
year time it takes for one revolution
heliocentric sun centered theory
geocentric earth centered theory
Tycho Brahe believed in geocentric theory
stonehenge mysteriously placed stones that were for sacrafice
gaileo astronomer who invented telescopes
astrolabe small device for measuring where a celestial body is
horizon where the sky and earth appear to meet
zenith imaginary dot over everybody's head
altitude angle between celestial object and horizon
azimuth imaginary circle around horizon
celestial sphere stars in sphere shape around earth
declination how far north or south something is on the celestial sphere
telescope instrument to observe objects in space
electromagnetic radiation energy transferred in electromagnetic waves

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