Question Answer
Cooling molten rock at or below Earth's surface. Ex: Granite Igneous Rock
Igneous or Sedimentary rock changed by great pressure and heat Metamorphic Rock
Particles from other rocks and or remains of plants and animals that are pressed and cemented together Sedimentary Rock
Shaking and vibration caused by movement along a fault Earthquake
Usaully light colored igneous rock found in continental crust Granite
Fountain of water and steam, erupts at regular intervals Geyser
Magma that reaches Earth's surface also makes islands in the ocean Lava
Theory that Earth's tectonic plates are in constant movement Plate Tectonic Theory
Force over an area, with great amount causes space between mineral grains Pressure
Vent or fissure in Earth's crust where magma and gases are let go, most common where subduction is Volcano

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